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Using Funny Questions for Couples for the First Time

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Using fun questions for couples is a great way to deepen your knowledge of your partner. The big difference between using questions for couples, and just having an unplanned conversation with your partner, is that the interest level in the conversation can easily drop once you run out of things to talk about. But, if you have an actual list of great questions to use, you can easily sustain the conversation, and maybe learn more stuff about your partner that you didn’t know before! Image Credit: Enamoured couple is playing, Richard foster, LyndaSanchez, flickr.

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If this is your first time using questions for couples, here are some tips to get you started on the right track:

1.    Questions for couples work better if they’re used on a date night, or any other day where the two of you are at ease and aren’t stressed out from work and other obligations. Don’t use questions for couples if your partner is in a hurry to go to work, or if he or she is just on the phone asking you about his or her missing wallet. In short, make the “event” special and unique, so you will both enjoy the dialogue.

2.    When asking questions about sensitive issues, like his past and his sex life, avoid making snap judgments. Remember, the advantage lies in listening and getting more information from your partner. If you make a snap judgment (e.g. condemning him for sharing something that you didn’t like), the dialogue will end abruptly (and that is guaranteed).

3.    Avoid asking questions that you know he cannot answer well. For example, don’t ask stuff like “Do these jeans make me look fat?” or “Do you think I would look better with a fuller head of hair?”. These trap questions never nurture a relationship, and they just fuel resentment over the long term. Who would want to be placed in a position where they have to admit the truth and get emotional punishment in return?

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Funny Questions to Get to Know Your Partner

Now that you know how to carry out this new type of dialogue with your partner, here are some sample, funny questions for couples that you can use. The main theme of this collection is having fun, and just getting to know your partner better:

1.    Does anything about me remind you of good memories or good people in your past?

2.    What is that one meal in your childhood that you cannot forget because it was just good, or it was memorable for some other reason?

3.    If you had $100,000 to spend in just one hour, what would you buy and why?

4.    If money were no object, what would be the first thing that you would do right now?

5.    From your observation, what are my strongest points as a person? What do you think I should improve in the near future?

6.    Do you like wrestling, boxing, or any other sport that involves strength and agility? Do you like the idea of being rough elsewhere?

7.    What do you think would be the best gift you can give anyone?

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