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1000 Questions for Couples

Why You Need 1000 Questions for Couples by Michael Webb

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1000 Questions for Couples is the legendary online bestseller that has been helping countless individuals, throughout the world, develop better relationships through active communication.

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The idea behind One Thousand Questions for Couples is quite simple: if you want to have a more meaningful relationship with your partner, you have to start communicating more often.

And we’re not just talking about short phrases like “How was your day?” or “Can you get me a cold beer?”. People who have relationships need to realize that in order for a relationship to survive, both parties need to be willing to engage in regular dialogs. One Thousand Questions for Couples solves this problem by providing the foundational material for a good dialog.

Since people find it hard to think of their own, unique, questions during a dialog with their partners, Michael Webb solved this problem by creating a noteworthy compilation of high quality questions, just for you. The book has been out since the early 2000s, and continues to be a phenomenal bestseller, garnering great praise from readers of all ages.

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Kick-Start Your Relationship with the 1000 Questions for Couples PDF eBook

If you want a strong stepping stone, and a nudge in the right direction, Michael Webb’s 1000 Questions for Couples (Things You Should Know About Your Mate) is the best book for you.

If you are interested in using questions for couples now, we’ve prepared a few samples for your perusal. Feel free to use these questions to kick-start the renewal of your relationship today.

1.    Can you tell me something about yourself that you haven’t shared with anyone else, including your best friend or maybe even your parents?

2.    What is the nicest thing that anyone has done for you in the past?

3.    If money were no object, where would you be right now, and what would you be doing?

4.    Do you believe in stuff like pre-destination?

5.    Is faith something that is taught, or do you think it is hardwired to us as humans?

6.    Do you read books on a regular basis? What is your favorite book so far, and how did you discover it?

7.    Do you think sex is more exciting if it is unplanned?

8.    If you could study with a master chef, what dish would you like to learn about?

9.    What is the one thing about me that drives you nuts?

10.    What do you think is your best physical asset?

11.    Do you have any big regrets in your life?

12.    If were not in a relationship right now, what would you be doing?

13.    In your opinion, what is the best work, or profession, in the world?

14.    Do you believe that we have a lot more control over reality than we had previously thought?

15.    What are your thoughts about having children and getting married one day?

16.    Have you ever accidentally grazed against someone who is attractive? What was the other person’s reaction?

17.    If you were to give advice to me regarding a problem (state your problem), what would it be?

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