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Fun Questions for Couples - Fun Communication - Fun Couple Laughing

What are some of the Fun Questions for Couples?

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“Questions for couples” is a category of questions that are often used by people with their partners to learn more about their history, thoughts, and plans in life. Image Credit: Young love, Young Couple Embracing, Kelley Boone, Kelley Mari, flickr.

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Question sets created by experts are often differentiated from each other based on a unique theme or goal. For example, some question sets may be designed to aid people who are having a troubled relationship, while some question sets are used to improve the overall communication level in the relationship.

What’s interesting about questions for couples is that the more you use such questions, the better you become in terms of communicating and actively listening to your partner.

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Fun Couple Questions for a Great Relationship

To get you started on this great path that will surely improve your relationship with your partner, we have created a set of fun questions for couples, just for you. Feel free to use all of them to improve the communication level in your relationship and to deepen your knowledge of your partner.

1.    What are three things that you thought were not important but were important when you reached certain points in your life? Can you elaborate why these things are more important now?

2.    Have you done some things in the past that are embarrassing to you now that you are older (or wiser)? What are these things; can you share them with me so I can share mine after?

3.    What are your thoughts about snooping or spying? Have you tried snooping on someone before? How about me, have you tried spying on me in any way?

4.    If you had the power to change, add, or remove anything in the Universe, what would that be?

5.    Do you dream of being someone else? If so, who is that person?

6.    In your opinion, what are your two strongest traits as a person?

7.    Do you believe in things like astral projection or psychic powers? Have you seen or heard of people who have such powers? Do you think they are real, or is it all just in our heads?

8.    In just three sentences, can you sum up what life has taught you thus far?

9.    What do you think is the most important thing when it comes to making love?

10.    Do you think sex can be as incredible as it is pictured on television or in the movies?

11.    Do you pray?

12.    If you had just one hour to speak directly to the Universe, and the Universe was willing to make concessions, what would you talk to the Universe about?

13.    If money were no object, where would you go?

14.    Compare our relationship with a fruit or vegetable; what would that fruit or vegetable be?

15.    What was the best meal you’ve had in your life?

16.    Do you take after your father or your mother, or both? How?

17.    What do you think is the most important thing for you right now?

18.    Do you still remember your early childhood? Care to share the most memorable stuff you remember when you were three or four years old?

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