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Top Questions for Married Couples

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While many people think that getting married often irons out the quirkiness of a less-committed relationship, the truth is often the opposite: many people are surprised at how much they still don’t know about their spouses. Image Credit: Beautiful young couple relaxing on couch, Richard foster, LyndaSanchez, flickr.

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When a marriage breaks down, one of the first , unique, things that counselors investigate is whether the spouses are still speaking to each other regularly.

More often than not, spouses have stopped communicating, and when they do communicate, they just fight. This signals the beginning of communication breakdown where two parties fail to meet compromises and often resort to the “blame game” and other counter-productive activities.

In the event that communication itself has broken down, many counselors recommend frequent communication, and also request that both parties try to improve the quality of their dialogues to help save the marriage.

Newlyweds, on the other hand, can also be exposed to the same issues. With the mounting pressures at home and at work, even newlyweds can fail to maintain a healthy level of interaction at home.

Marriage Counseling Questions - Loving Married CoupleImage Credit: Couple in living room smiling, LyndaSanchez, Richard Foster, flickr.

Marriage Counseling Questions to Overcome Marriage Problems

If you think your relationship needs work, or if you feel that you have lost the ability to communicate with your spouse effectively, if you are asking – How to save my marriage?, here are some questions for married couples that you can use to improve your ability to sustain a good conversation with your spouse. Of course, this is only the first step. You need to constantly enforce the idea that you have to engage in a real dialogue in order to solve problems.

1.    In your opinion, where is the most ideal place to live in the world? Why do you think this is the best place for you and our family?

2.    How do you feel about the way things are now? Are you willing to work with me so we can solve these issues, so we can be totally happy and satisfied with our marriage?

3.    Do you have any personal standards when it comes to our home and family life? Do you think these standards are being met, or do some things need to change so you will be happier at home?

4.    Are the kids driving you nuts sometimes, or are you unhappy about their behavior?

5.    What are the things that you don’t like when you are at home? What are the things that you do love?

6.    What is the stuff that you think we can do without?

7.    What do you think about our lifestyle now? Do we need to improve it, cut back on spending, or is it just right the way it is?

8.    Are you bothered by some of the things that we have in storage? Do you want to throw out some things that we have in our house right now?

9.    If it were completely up to you, what would you change in our home?

10.    Do you feel content with the kind of home life we have now, or do you dream of a different kind of home life?

11.    Are you happier when you come home, or do you sometimes feel that you would be better off somewhere else?

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