Yamaha Full Size Keyboard – Full Size Music Backup

Yamaha Full Size Keyboard

Need Musical Accompaniment and Assistance? Buy a Yamaha Full Size Keyboard!

Portable keyboards have become very popular in recent years and many people choose to invest in them. Why is this? It’s because manufacturers like Yamaha are packing their portable keyboards with wonderful features at a lower price!

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Beginning pianists now have the possibility to learn, play and practice as much as they want, right at home, due to the fact that Yamaha keyboards are becoming increasingly less expensive, and now everyone is able to afford their own “Yama” keyboard if they have the desire to acquire one.

One perfect example of these economical and wallet-friendly, yet incredibly powerful, keyboards is the Yamaha YPT-230. This Yamaha full size keyboard feature 61 full grand piano sized keys as well as a dedicated stereo speaker set.

Yamaha YPT-230 Premium Keyboard Pack with Nady Headphones

The Yamaha YPT-230 Premium Keyboard Pack comes with a pair of genuine Yamaha Nady headphones of studio and stereo quality with closed ear-cups. Closed-cup headphones allows powerful listening and a secluded music experience, since the headset blocks out all sounds from the immediate environment. This is a real advantage and especially helpful when listening in closely and carefully to the harmony’s and tempo of the songs you’re playing. Also the intensity and your specific playing style can be measured and monitored more efficiently with studio style closed back stereo headphones.

Nady HP03 Closed Back Stereo Headphones

The headphones are manufactured by Nady Audio, Model HP03 Closed Back Stereo Headphones and feature padded, comfortable studio ear-cups with 40 mm drivers and a frequency range of 20 to 20,000hz. The impedance rating is 32 Ohms and the sensitivity rating 105 dB/mw.

The Premium Package also includes the World Tour Keyboard Stand and Power Supply. The Nady HP03 Closed Back Stereo Headphones are also sold separately.

Powerful Stereo Sound

What differentiates the YPT-230 model from other models, not to mention other brands, and what really distinguishes this keyboard is its ability to generate a powerful sound, amplified yet natural, without straining or overworking the built-in speaker system. This is made possible by the speakers Ultra Wide Stereo function which gives an extended, wide and dynamic sound field. Experience and enjoy the Yamaha YPT-230 keyboard’s excellent sound qualities straight from the music source, either through the built-in speakers or through the Nady brand headset.

Yamaha YPT-230 Full Size Keyboard

Keyboard Accompaniment, Backup and Assistance

This Yamaha YPT keyboard also feature an intelligent and efficient processor which provides 380 plus natural sounding instrument voices and 100 accompaniment styles + drum kits and sound effect kits. The keyboard also helps you play popular music pieces through its built-in 100 plus song database. Think of an evergreen song you’ve always wanted to be able to play, and the Yamaha YPT-230 will help you learn it and play it.

Do you ever dream of having your own back-up band? The dream is not far off! The Yamaha YPT-230 has an extensive, solid accompaniment feature which back your music up with bass guitar, drums and other fitting accompanying instruments.

The Yamaha keyboard provides backup notes, enabling you to play accurate, full songs with musical notes support. All of these helpful features provided within the YPT-230 helps you learn and play any musical pieces you want. It won’t take long before all of your practicing and musical efforts will pay off. You don’t have to buy and invest in a more expensive keyboard if you are an intermediate piano player or an aspiring beginner keyboardist. Everything you need is already in the Yamaha YPT-230 Premium Keyboard Pack. It’s the perfect music instrument for home and leisure playing as well as for professional live performances.

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Play Any Kind of Music

Yamaha keyboards are designed to play any kind of music and genre. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to play classical, pop, jazz, electronica, rock or dance music. The YPT-230 supports all music orientations. This keyboard has the capacity to adapt to any of your musical needs. You can use it to create your own unique music. The built-in database of voices, accompaniment styles, drum kits, sound effect kits and songs is solid and expansive and if you need more you can get Yamaha MIDI music files on the internet and play them using your Yamaha full size keyboard.

> VIDEO – Piano Time by Jen Jenn played on a Yamaha Full Size Keyboard <

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