Portable Yamaha Keyboard – The Key to Musical Freedom

Portable Yamaha Keyboard

Looking for a Portable Yamaha Keyboard?

Are you looking to buy a new keyboard? Are you at the same time interested in learning how to play the piano, but don’t have enough funds to buy an Upright Piano or a Grand Piano? If you don’t have sufficient funds for an exclusive and expensive Upright Piano or Grand Piano made from wood, then the next best thing is a portable Yamaha keyboard.

Portable Yamaha keyboards have been around for decades now, and Yamaha is only getting better and better at producing portable keyboards as the years go by. Yamaha Corporation had already been developing innovative and modern musical instrument solutions for keyboardists and pianists for a long time, when other brands like Casio were just starting out and were in the beginning stages of developing and learning how to manufacture keyboards.

Another great thing about Yamaha portable keyboards is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to be able to play music at home. Other brands similar products are very expensive in comparison and you will need a considerable amount of money to be able to afford them. Yamaha offers you the freedom of choice; buy an economical and compact, mid-range keyboard with great sound a powerful set of features, or a slightly pricier high-grade and quality-sound keyboard designed for professional players and performances.

Affordable Music Quality And Playing Experience

You’re probably in the market for a keyboard that is not too expensive, but still will deliver a great sounding playing experience. The Yamaha YPT-230 Keyboard Package delivers such a great sounding and fulfilling playing experience. “Yama” sells full packages, so you can start playing your favorite music straight away, as soon as you get the keyboard home.

A sturdy, single-braced, steel keyboard stand is included in the pack. The YPT-230 package also comes with studio quality Yamaha Nady headphones, which is great when you want to listen in closely through a dedicated headset, immerse yourself in your music and hear every single note straight from the source. You won’t disturb anyone when you are practicing, even if you play at night, if you use your Yamaha headphones.

It’s easy to be creative and express yourself through your own music with the Yamaha portable keyboard YPT-230 since it features a total of 385 different, natural sounding musical voices, 100 accompaniment styles and even 102 built-in songs for you to choose from and experiment with.

In effect, this means your keyboard can be used to play close to 400 different sounds from some of the most well-known musical instruments, like the Grand Piano, Guitar, Banjo and Harpsichord, to more unique sounds like Human Voices Singing e.g.

> Video – My Lullaby by Jensine Lamira on a Portable Yamaha Keyboard <


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Modern Portable Sound

Like other Yamaha keyboards, the YPT-230 takes into account the evolution of music and sounds. This enables you to play modern music and make use of the latest sounds. If you want to create and compose great and unique music then you should try the Yamaha YPT-230 today!

The affordable Yamaha 61-key portable keyboard model YPT-230 offers UWS – Ultra Wide Stereo for those true rock out moments. Also experience the full bass and drum sound kits and sound effect kits, conveniently pre-programmed and fit into the portable keyboard from Yamaha.

Everything you need to quickly get started playing, learning, experimenting and creating your own music is included in the portable keyboard Yamaha delivers. The YPT230 is a modern, versatile, light and portable music instrument perfect for leisure playing or pro-performances, at home, or on tour. Yamaha´n!! 😉

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