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Yamaha Keyboard Model EZ-220

Enriching, Educative, Entertaining And Empowering Yamaha Keyboard Models

Yamaha is one of the world’s most respected and successful manufacturers of musical instruments and audio/music equipment. Their products are highly appreciated by musicians, music students and other pianists, keyboardists and music enthusiasts.

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The company has been producing music keyboards for a very long time, and as time goes by, Yamaha produces higher quality and more innovative, unique features. As a manufacturer they are dedicated to create new solutions and better sound for all people wanting to learn and play great music.

Yamaha produces a wide spectrum of portable, electronic keyboard models for every specific need and budget. For most people it’s just not possible to buy an expensive, new piano or grand piano, with prices starting at $700 – $1000 up to several thousand dollars. This is the key factor and reason why portable keyboards have become so popular in recent years.

Portable keyboards offer many advantages over classical pianos. Electronic keyboards have more sound and voice options, manual sound control and lots of other advanced technical features to assist you when playing and creating songs, to improve your music experience.

Yamaha YPG-535 Portable Grand Keyboard

Yamaha YPG-535 Portable Grand Keyboard

If you want a premium keyboard at a reasonable price, suitable for the more advanced player or even professional performer, then the Yamaha YPG-535 88-key portable grand keyboard is an excellent choice and a great source of music.

The YPG-535 has many similarities with a grand piano and is designed with many piano centric features and more advanced functions like 88 piano-style keys full keyboard mode, GST – Graded Soft Touch, high-resolution stereo sound quality, USB connectivity, backlit lyric, cord and notation LCD display, YES – Yamaha Education Suite, 6-track recorder, performance assistant technology and a large number of natural sounding voices, accompaniment styles, drum and effect kits, preset songs, matching stand, sustain pedal and many other great features/functions.

Yamaha keyboard model YPG-535 has a list price of $760 for a brand new unit. But you can buy it through online stores and dealers for around $500. Still quite expensive but the YPG535 is a high-end portable keyboard perfect for leisure composing and live performances. It’s definitely worth the price.

Yamaha PSR-E233 Portable KeyboardYamaha PSR-E233 Portable Keyboard

On the other end of the spectrum is the Yamaha keyboard model PSR-E233, a portable mid-range economy keyboard with fantastic qualities at a really competitive and affordable price. Yamaha PSRE233 has a list price of $169 but you can find bargain prices of under $100 with some online retailers.

Yamaha PSR-E Series PSR-E233 61-Key portable keyboard is a compact and light music machine, ideal for beginners. It is packed with features like 385 natural sound voices, 100 accompaniment styles, 102 built-in songs, Ultra Wide Stereo – UWS, advanced YES – Yamaha Education Suite, rich reverb effects, portable Grand button for authentic stereo Grand Piano sound, Auto Power Off mode and much more.

Stand Firm

One important thing to consider when buying a lower-end price model keyboard is that the keyboard stand usually is not included with your purchase. You will have to purchase the stand separately if it is not included in one of the special premium packages available on the market. Sometimes it is! Make sure to get a sturdy single or double x-style brace stand or a regular straight stand that will fit the dimensions of your new keyboard. Assemble it well and position the instrument and stand carefully so that you don’t run the risk of knocking it down, damaging your precious keyboard or hurting someone. Portable keyboards are lightweight and the stands are high, which makes them easy to knock over if you’re not careful.

Yamaha World Tour Double X Keyboard StandYou can of course place your musical instrument on a sturdy and wide table but usually it’s easier to find a comfortable playing position using an adjustable x-style brace stand or a regular stand. An instrument stand is more portable and gives you the freedom to play wherever you want. Also make sure you sit comfortably and correctly at the keyboard when playing.

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There are many great mid-range Yamaha keyboard alternatives. A mid-range Yamaha keyboard is perfect for intermediate players and beginners who have a lot of drive to play, study and pursue their musical dreams but don’t have a lot of money. Both the PSR-E233 model and the YPT-230 model (below) are mid-range keyboards in terms of technology and features and lower-end keyboards when it comes to price.

Yamaha YPT-230 Portable Keyboard

Yamaha YPT-230 Portable Keyboard

The new Yamaha YPT-230 Premium Keyboard Package includes the compact yet solid portable keyboard Yamaha YPT-230, Yamaha headphones Nady HP03 closed-cup, a single-braced X-style World Tour keyboard stand and a power supply. The Yamaha YPT Series YPT230 61-key keyboard is a powerful and portable keyboard equipped with a multitude of playing enhancing features like 385 high quality voices and 100 styles and digital effects + 102 built-in songs. It has a rich reverb and UWS – Ultra Wide Stereo, Grand Piano button, Automatic Power Off and more.

You don’t need a classical piano education to be able to play well with the Yamaha keyboard latest model YPT-230 since you will gain access to the Yamaha Education Suite – Y.E.S. which allows you to learn and practice with support from the keyboards built-in educational software and Yamahas internet based music lessons. With this powerful keyboard you have the ability to fully express your musical talent. The YPT-230 Premium Keyboard Pack ROCKS!

Note; Some of the Yamaha PSR keyboard models and the Yamaha YPT keyboard models are essentially the same keyboards. E.g. the Yamaha PSR-E233 and the Yamaha YPT-230 are almost identical; they are in fact the same instrument with difference in color and labeling. The reason for this is that the manufacturer Yamaha can sell the keyboards under different labels aimed at different markets.

The Yamaha PSR-E233 portable keyboard and the Yamaha YPT-230 portable keyboard are both sold separately and in premium packages.

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The Latest Yamaha Keyboard Models

If you are looking to buy a new piano-style or synthesizer-style music instrument – Get an overview and compare the entire range of the latest Yamaha portable keyboard models in the simple list we have provided for you below.

Yamaha Corporation also makes it easy to compare Yamaha keyboard models on their own website with the convenient and user-friendly compare function. On the website you will also find extensive products information, videos, MIDI, music, downloads, drivers, manuals, education, accessories and much more.

Yamaha Website

In addition, you can easily compare Yamaha keyboard models and prices at The World’s Largest Online Store; Amazon.

Yamaha Digital Keyboards Series Lineup

Portable Keyboards

Yamaha PSR-E433 Portable Keyboard


Creativity and Performance keyboard; 61-key touch response, 731 natural voices and Arpeggio feature + more.

Yamaha PSR-E423 Portable Keyboard


Synth-Focused keyboard; 61 Organ style keys, Real-time control knobs, Arpeggio function – 150 patterns, Pitch bend, 700 Dynamic voices – Wider World content + more.

Yamaha PSR-E333 Portable Keyboard


61-key board with touch response, 497 natural sound voices + more.

Yamaha YPT-330 Portable Keyboard


61-key board with touch response, 497 natural sound voices + more.

Yamaha PSR E233 Portable KeyboardPSR-E233

61-keys, 385 high-quality natural sound voices + more. See more extensive information above.

Yamaha YPT 230 Portable Keyboard


61-keys, 385 high-quality natural sound voices + more. See more extensive information above.

Lighted Key / Lighted Fret Instrument Keyboard

Yamaha EZ-220 Portable Keyboard


Learning, playing and iPad EZ connecting keyboard; 61 touch-sensitive & lighted keys, 392 natural instrument voices, Built-in wireless connection – Yamaha iPad application EZ-220 Page Turner + more.

Portable Grand Keyboards

Yamaha DGX-640 Portable Grand Keyboard


Most piano-like Portable Grand keyboard from Yamaha ever; Easy sound selection, Simple recording with built-in recorder, 88 Weighted graded hammer action keys, Ultra-real feel + more.

Yamaha YPG-535 Portable Grand Keyboard


88-key Portable Grand keyboard; Piano-style keys – Graded soft touch, Matching stand, Sustain pedal, USB storage, Backlit notation and lyrics LCD display + more. See more extensive information above.

Yamaha DGX-530 Portable Grand Keyboard


Portable Grand piano keyboard; 88 Graded soft touch – lightly weighted piano-style keys + more.

Yamaha YPG-235 Portable Grand KeyboardYPG-235

Piano-focused Portable Grand; 76 Graded soft touch action piano keys, stereo piano sound + more.

Yamaha DGX-230 Portable Grand Keyboard


A wealthy, realistically sounding, dynamic styled and sophisticated music-making Piano-oriented keyboard; 76 Graded soft touch keys, 489 natural high-fidelity sound voices/styles + more.

Piaggero Keyboards

Yamaha NP-V80 Piaggero Portable Keyboard


Slim, light, compact Piano focused keyboard; Great voice variety, 76 Graded Soft Touch GST keys, Excellent speaker system, Intelligent Arpeggiator + more.

Yamaha NP-V60 Piaggero Portable Keyboard


Slim, lightweight, compact Piano focused keyboard; 76 Soft touch box type keys, Versatile with 500 voices, 160 styles + more.

Yamaha NP-31 Piaggero Portable Keyboard


Slim, light, compact Design keyboard; 76 Full-sized soft touch keys, Classic Piano tone, Ultra-portable, Battery power, Advanced Wave Memory Stereo sampling AWM, Stereo amplifier and speaker system, Built-in adjustable tempo metronome + more.

Yamaha NP-11 Piaggero Portable Keyboard


New level slim, light, compact Design keyboard; 61 piano style keys, Extra Ultra-portable, AWM, Stereo amplifier and speaker system, Piano preset songs + more.

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Constant Improvement By Yamaha

Yamaha is constantly improving their keyboard models sounds, features and education suite in their never-ending commitment to reach out to, teach and make all music lovers of the world happy. Yamahas wide spectrum of different keyboard models truly are enriching, educative, entertaining and empowering.

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