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Yamaha Keyboard Driver MIDI USB 2 A to B Cable

Connect Your Music Keyboard to Your Computer Using the USB-MIDI Driver for Yamaha Keyboard

Yamaha keyboards are excellent music instruments for all types of piano players, beginners, intermediate or professional because of their easy connection to computers for immediate sound processing. Sounds, music, songs and other types of data can easily be transferred through MIDI files via the computers USB port to and from the keyboard itself.

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MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) allows electronic music instruments, like electronic music keyboards, and computers to connect and communicate with one another. MIDI is a universal music format, allowing music to be recorded and played back using a MIDI file.

Yamaha feature USB MIDI functionality in all of the latest Yamaha keyboard models (including the YPT-230 Premium Pack mentioned below). Connecting your Yamaha MIDI keyboard to your computer will open up unlimited opportunities to help you expand your music creativity. It will give you access to an endless number of software, programs and MIDI devices with the ability to save and edit your music and songs in the computer i.a.

Advantages of Yamaha Keyboard USB MIDI – Computer Connectivity

Yamaha keyboards feature hundreds of pre-programmed, built-in songs to play along with and learn from. These songs are MIDI files. MIDI files provides flexible music tracks as accompaniment to your own keyboard playing. It also gives the keyboardist the chance to study and change the arrangements of any music piece. MIDI files can also include other beneficial data, like Music scores, chords, lyrics and more, to help you learn faster, play better and just have fun and enjoy playing.

Additional Yamaha MIDI songs can be bought and downloaded online from Yamaha MusicSoft. Other Yamaha keyboard compatible MIDI songs can also be bought and/or downloaded all over the internet.

The flexibility of changing musical elements in MIDI music files is highly appreciated with more intermediate and advanced players who want to record, compose and edit their own music. To be able to do this you need a sequencer in the form of computer music software e.g. Yamaha XGworks, or a more professional and specialized hardware music workstation called a DAW – Digital Audio Workstation. Using sequence software or hardware will literary turn your keyboard and computer into your own desktop studio.

Other advantages of MIDI is e.g. graphical display of the songs you’re playing on your computer screen and the ability to print sheets of the music you have created or composed.

Yamaha UX-16 MIDI Interface Cable

Yamaha Keyboard Drivers and USB-MIDI Interface Cables

In order to enjoy all of these great functions you need a USB-MIDI driver for Yamaha keyboard installed on your computer.

A Yamaha USB-MIDI driver is a software that transfers MIDI data back and forth between the computer and the Yamaha USB-MIDI keyboard.

Yamaha Keyboard Driver USB-MIDI Interface UX16

To connect your music keyboard to your computer you also need a USB-MIDI Interface cable e.g. The Yamaha UX-16 USB-MIDI Interface for Laptops or Desktop Computers, i.e. a USB 2.0 A-Male to MIDI In and Out Male Cable (5-pin din).

Yamaha USB-MIDI Interface UX16

Please Note that some more advanced and pricier Yamaha keyboards use a USB 2.0 A-Male to B-Male Cable for USB-MIDI computer connection.

USB 2.0 A-Male to B-Male Cable MIDI

Download/Install the USB-MIDI Yamaha keyboard driver included with your keyboard purchase on CD-ROM. You can also download the USB-MIDI driver Yamaha Keyboard – Computer compatible from the Yamaha Official Website.

Connect the USB-MIDI cable to the MIDI In and MIDI Out ports on the back of your keyboard (5-pin din jacks), or to the USB 2.0 Type B port on the keyboard back, and to the USB port on your computer.

Yamaha UX-16 Connect

When installed and connected correctly, open the Yamaha USB-MIDI Driver Control Panel on your computer and you are Ready to Rock n’ Roll!

The Yamaha keyboard USB driver is available for both PC and Mac. Check for the latest Yamaha keyboard driver upgrades on the Yamaha Corporation Website. The company also offer USB-MIDI installation instructions and additional explanatory information for all Yamaha drivers and devices.

You can find additional MIDI drivers, and firmware with upgrades by searching the internet. Other websites may offer these drivers for sale and they are usually listed under the keyboard model number (e.g. YPT-230).

Important; A Licensed Driver for Yamaha Keyboard gives you the right to free driver software updates and upgrades (which will otherwise cost you money) and also gives you access to all of the possibilities that USB/MIDI keyboard – computer connectivity brings, like downloading songs, customizing keyboard settings, creating, composing, editing and recording your music and handling/using your keyboard to its full extent through your computer, etc.

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The Yamaha YPT-230 Premium Keyboard Package

If you are looking for a new Yamaha keyboard with USB-MIDI functionality present, suitable for both beginners, intermediate players and pros – Take a look at the New Yamaha YPT-230 Premium Keyboard Pack!

This great music package includes the Yamaha YPT-230 Keyboard, Nady HP03 Closed Back Stereo Headphones, World Tour Single X Keyboard Stand and a Dedicated Power Supply Adapter.

There is a lot to love about this package including the fantastic features of the keyboard itself. All of the additional products included, headphones, stand and power supply are manufactured by quality brands. You really get a lot of value with the YPT-230 Premium Pack.

The keyboard itself is light and compact, but is in fact a full-size Yamaha keyboard with 61 keys. You won’t have any problems adjusting to it if you are accustomed to playing a traditional upright piano or grand piano. Unlike other keyboard brand products, the keyboard is not bulky. It is portable, easy to transport and fits into any small space in your room, apartment or house.

In addition, the YPT-230 feature 380 plus high quality, natural sounding voices, from Octave Piano to Harpsichord, also including drum kits and sound effect kits. Each of these voices has been engineered for perfection. Play any of the keyboards existing voices and receive a loud, crisp high-fidelity note each and every time. Crisp and clear notes, voices and sounds form the perfect base for your own unique music composing whether it is pop, rock, electronica, or even jazz tunes.

And that’s not all, the YPT-230 also come with 100 accompaniment styles and 100 plus built-in songs for you to leisurely play along with and learn from. Practice even more and further your music education with the new advanced Yamaha Education Suite Y.E.S 6 integrated within the music instrument and with additional resources at Yamaha Online.

When you play the YPT-230 you will experience a full range, grand piano sound when using the grand piano button. You will also notice a big difference in the way the instrument renders sound. The UWS, Ultra Wide Stereo feature generates a wide and dynamic sound field, very similar to traditional upright piano or grand piano sound. This “Yama” YPT also possesses rich Reverb effects, which add concert-hall ambience to your, at home or on the road, performances.

The price of the YPT-230 Premium Pack is very reasonable. The retail list price is 295$ – 300$ but you can buy it from online retailers for as low as 135$ – 150$. That is less expensive compared to other keyboard brands similar products.

If you want a mid-range keyboard, at an affordable price, with great features that can handle advanced music playing and composing, including USB-MIDI Yamaha keyboard driver functions allowing PC or Mac computer connectivity, then this unit is right for you.

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Video; YAMAHA Keyboard – Install Drivers – Windows 7

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