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Les Mills Pump: Hardcore Weight Loss for All

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Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, Les Mills Pump comes along to shock everyone into fitness once again. But if getting “shocked” means getting into shape and having a 100% fit body, we’re sure that anyone will want to get into it.

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Les Mills Pump, by the industry leader Beach Body, is a unique and exciting take on weight loss and muscle building, because it combines a specific set of equipment with a razor-sharp workout system built by professionals.

Like a well-oiled machine, the Les Mills Pump workout system grinds and burns fat fast and efficiently, and you don’t even have to work out seven days a week! That’s right – if you follow the system itself closely, and you don’t fall off the wagon in terms of nutrition, you will only need to work out three days a week to get amazing results!

Les Mills Body Pump Science

What separates the Les Mills Pump from other “weight loss” systems is its solid, scientific approach to building muscle and burning excess calories from the body. Let us clear up any confusion: the human body has an almost unlimited capacity to store fat and excess calories.

By the same token, it has an even higher capacity to burn off stored fat. However, there is a catch – once the body is accustomed to storing fat and gaining weight, it associates these states with normalcy.

In short, it will be reluctant to let go of fat, even if it is capable of burning it off. This is the situation of millions of people around the world who are suffering from obesity. Their bodies are incapable of burning enough fat for healthy weight loss.

Is there hope? Yes. The Les Mills Pump is one of the few tested systems on the market today that truly understands what the body needs in order to get back into shape once again.

Many people think that, in order to get into shape, you have to start lifting 100 pounds of weights or more at the gym. People who do lift that kind of load are operating at a different level already, and their bodies are accustomed to that type of stress.

If you do that now, without prior preparation, you will most likely suffer from injury. Les Mills Pump takes the components of bodybuilding and weight training, and transforms it into a modified system so that that the body can burn calories at an accelerated rate.

How accelerated? Imagine being able to burn off one thousand calories every time you work out. That is equivalent to running on a treadmill for five hours or more.

And you will get this type of burning in a fraction of the time, because the Les Mills Pump system uses weights (a patented barbell) and high repetitions for maximum caloric burn.

Your muscles will explode with power and shed that fat daily because, once you start on a high intensity program like the Les Mills Pump, your body will become a fat burning furnace, even when you are asleep.

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