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The Les Mills DVD’s: The Journey to Fitness Begins

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Les Mills Pump is the trailblazing new workout system that has rivaled older systems, like Insanity (also from Beach Body, the world leader in personal fitness systems). Image Credit/Image License: CC0 Public Domain.

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If you have been observing the fitness and weight loss industry all these years, you will easily agree that no other system is comparable to the Les Mills Pump, because this is the only training system that has its own weight training set.

Other workout systems on the market over-emphasize whole body workouts, while ignoring the importance and the amazing benefits of resistance training, or weight training. If you want a well-rounded and professionally-designed weight loss system that will also help you sculpt your body and develop great musculature, look no further than the Les Mills Pump.

Les Mills Body Pump DVD´s

Each Les Mills Pump package comes with its own barbell set and instructional DVDs. Let’s take a look at some featured content from the 6-CD package:

DVD # 1: Les Mills Pump Basics

The first DVD will teach you how to use the barbells that come with the Les Mills Pump training system. The special barbells that you will be receiving still need some assembly, and you will also need to learn how to properly handle and use the weights for maximum impact on your body.

The most important thing here is that you will be given the best technique for handling the weights. Anyone can use barbells, but only Les Mill Pump users will know how to do it safely the first time.

DVD # 2: Les Mills Pump Challenge

Once you learn how to properly handle your barbells, it’s time to fire up those muscles. The second DVD will introduce you to the essential workouts that will begin shaping your body through the Les Mills Pump approach.

DVD # 3: Les Mills Pump and Burn

The third DVD is one of the longest, at 30 minutes. Les Mills Pump and Burn is all about challenging multiple muscle groups at the same time, for maximum caloric burn. If you want your body to burn calories more quickly, you have to activate multiple muscles each time you move. The Rep Effect comes into play as you begin to move muscles that you never used before in the context of working out.

DVD # 4: Les Mills Pump & Shred

The Les Mills approach is progressive, so after you have mastered the intermediate movements; you will graduate to more intense workouts that will deeply sculpt your muscles. Sculpting has never looked so good! This part of the program will test your endurance and build your stamina like never before.

DVD # 5: Les Mills Pump Revolution

At 55 minutes, the Les Mills Pump Revolution DVD contains the key instructions for whole body transformation. In this DVD, you will begin using powerful movements that further increase your strength and natural ability to use resistance training to your advantage.

DVD # 6: Les Mills Pump Extreme

Feel like your arms and shoulders need more work? Use the les Mills Pump Extreme to work on specific muscle groups, so you will feel even better while burning away the last vestiges of fat on your body!

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