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Some people say that Les Mills is all about lifting weights and sculpting muscle – and you can certainly do these things with Les Mills. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot accomplish other things using the Les Mills approach. Image Credit/Image License: CC0 Public Domain.

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In fact, if you are interested in yoga and other similar fitness activities, you may have found what you are looking for in the Les Mills Body Flow program. Here are some of the advantages of attending a Les Mills Body Flow class:

Body Flow Les Mills Way!

1.    Similar classes focus on just one discipline, like yoga. With the Les Mills Body Flow approach, you will be taken through three distinct and super effective techniques (yoga, tai chi, and the most modern variation, Pilates).

2.    Body Flow is ideal and effective for all ages, because it focuses on strengthening the core muscles, back, and all the surrounding muscles with natural, flowing movements that also help improve your body’s natural energy channels. Each time you attend a Body Flow class, you will feel more relaxed and your energy levels will soar, because your body is getting the best kind of workout it needs so it stays strong and limber.

3.    If you have never worked out at the gym before, Body Flow will help condition your body so that you will be better prepared to handle the rigors of more demanding workout programs.

Body Flow will naturally increase your muscle tone, abdominal strength, leg strength, and physical balance. When you are able to accomplish all of these things, working out in the gym will be a piece of cake.

4.    Are you worried that a Body Flow class will not provide the same amount of caloric burn as a session in the gym? Wrong! Les Mills itself has taken the liberty of measuring the actual number of calories burned during a single Body Flow class (which lasts 55 minutes on the average) and they discovered that you can burn as much as 400 calories per session. This might not seem much at first… Until people find out that one hour on the treadmill usually burns only 200 calories, or even fewer.

5.    Do you have a tough time bending and moving around the house? Are you fingers and hands stiff from all those years of repetitive stress? Body Flow can help rebalance your body.

Body Flow instructors are well-versed in the fine art of eliminating body pain and stresses through held poses and naturally-flowing movements. Since three unique disciplines are used in Body Flow, you will get the combined benefits of these disciplines, plus their advantages, in a shorter period of time.

6.    Body Flow not only enhances your body – it also helps re-center and improve your mind. Body Flow, along with other related disciplines and exercises, have been proven effective in improving brain function and even memory. The more you exercise, the better your brain gets, literally. So, it’s not just your body that’s getting all the benefits – your mind is enjoying a great advantage, too!

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