Best Kettlebell Workout – Core Strength

Best Kettlebell Workout - Core Strength

The Best Kettlebell Workout in Centuries

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Many people wonder why Russian kettlebell masters are so strong. Well, it’s all in the core really – the core muscles, that is. Russian kettlebell masters have conditioned themselves to engage the core muscles in most of their movements. So, whenever they lift something, they’re not just lifting with their hands and arms. In short, it’s simply the best kettlebell workout. Kettlebell Exercises For Your Core

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They are lifting with all of the muscular power of the abdominal muscles and all the associated muscles. In short, they are able to use 100% or close to a hundred percent of their total muscular strength. Compare this to someone who relies solely on his arms or legs to get the work done. Our lower extremities account for some 40% to 50% of our total muscular power. The arms are merely 25% or less in some cases.

This is the main reason why Russian kettlebell masters are so strong – they are superhuman in the way they use their bodies! This article will focus on the workouts that you can use to achieve the same level of strength as the masters themselves, more than a century after they’ve passed. All you will need to start is one Russian kettlebell, the heaviest you can lift, and you can get started immediately performing the best kettlebell workouts.

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Best Kettlebell Workouts – Recommended

Kettlebell Double Swings

Kettlebell swings constitute the foundation of your education in kettlebell workouts. You must perfect your form and swing because this is the base movement where all other movements are derived from. To practice your coordination and strength, I suggest using both hands when swinging the kettlebells.

Begin this exercise by placing the kettlebell in front of you. Go into a squatting position and grip the handle firmly. Gather force around your core and straighten up.

This will send your kettlebell swinging upward. When the kettlebell is around your chin level, let go for a split second and the kettlebell will lose its momentum and it will descend. Simply follow the downward arc of the kettlebell as it goes down.

Kettlebell Double Rows

The back muscles are often woefully undertrained because they are hard to target and train in the first place. Fortunately, you can use the dynamic weight of two Russian kettlebells to pull those back muscles and increase their strength radically in a few weeks.

Kettlebell double rows will be your best friend when it comes to developing arm strength and back power. To perform this exercise, you will need two Russian kettlebells. Place one kettlebell on either side of your feet. Bend at the waist and go into a half squat position with your knees slightly bent.

Pick up your two kettlebells and pull them toward your invisible pocket. Make sure that you pull using your back muscles. Your arms shouldn’t be doing all the work!

Most of the load should be handled by your back muscles, so take it slowly until your back muscles begin to really pull on the resistance. Five sets of ten repetitions each with lighter kettlebells should be a good place to start, assuming that you have been doing at least kettlebell swings.

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