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Russian kettlebells have been around since the late 1800’s, and the mere fact that they are still being used professionally today for athletic conditioning and weight loss speaks volumes about the kind of workout and training that you can get from using them. What is the big difference between kettlebells and conventional weights? Just one: they’re 100% ballistic.

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And I mean that the nicest way possible – Russian kettlebells are cannon ball-shaped weights with thick handles, and they were designed to be as dynamic as possible when propelled by any type of mechanical force. In short, these weights were designed to be swung around.

If you are able to gather enough speed and force, you can easily propel a kettlebell upward and lock it out above your head. A kettlebell will follow a fixed trajectory when swung, unless additional push and pull forces are applied to it. Since kettlebells are rounded and heavy, you can get injured by using one inappropriately.

So, the first thing that we have to take into consideration is how strong and fit are you to handle ballistic weights? I am not trying to discourage anyone from using kettlebells. In fact, I would love if every physically able adult in the country worked out with kettlebells at least once a week.

However, we have to be realistic: can you lift weights and follow instructions? If you answered yes to both questions, then it’s time that you tried working out with these special and unique beauties.

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Kettlebell Workouts for Everybody

You can find kettlebells in gyms, or you can buy one or two for yourself and you can work out at home. There are thousands of Russian kettlebell enthusiasts throughout the world who swear by the effectiveness of this training tool and yet, they don’t work out in the gym.

These people swing and snatch their Russian kettlebells in their backyard or in the park. They swing and snatch like there’s no tomorrow, and all they need to bring is one piece of equipment: their kettlebell.

I highly recommend that you purchase your own kettlebell or kettlebells so you can work out at home whenever you have free time. A kettlebell workout for beginners can be finished in ten minutes or less. It really depends on your motivation, and how willing you are to learn a new training method.

The most important kettlebell exercise that you can learn is the Russian kettlebell swing. There are several variants of this exercise, but the base exercise is the Single Hand Kettlebell Swing.

I recommend that you perform this exercise every other day, 3 sets of 12 repetitions each with the heaviest kettlebell that you can swing. This rule applies to both men and women; it’s just that the weight requirements are different for men and women. Just find a kettlebell that will challenge you enough so you can get a good workout.

Grip the kettlebell tightly and keep your spine neutral as you swing back. The back of your hand should be parallel to the floor. When you are ready to go back up, drive the hips to the ground and generate that ballistic force needed. When the kettlebell is at chest level, let it drop back and swing down.

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