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Beginner Kettlebell Workout: Burn Those Fats!

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If you want to burn more calories while getting absolutely ripped from resistance training, the best way to do that is through Russian kettlebell training. Russian kettlebells are ballistic weights that can be used for dozens of different and unique exercises. Image Credit: Kettlebell Exercises,

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People around the globe have been using this special resistance tool for decades and the results of continuous use are nothing short of astounding.

By using Russian kettlebells as your primary mode of resistance training, you will be able to gain increased core muscular strength, stronger shoulders and arms, an exponentially powerful grip, and muscles that are always ready to burn off fats.

Today we’re going to show you how you can perform basic kettlebell exercises so you can start improving your overall fitness level.

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Beginners Kettlebell Workout That Gets Results

Kettlebell Overhead Presses

Overhead kettlebell presses are performed to strengthen the arms, shoulders and traps. To perform this exercise, you will need two Russian kettlebells. Stand up straight with feel shoulder-width apart.

Pick up your kettlebells properly (slightly squatting down, bending at the waist, and keeping the spine neutral) and place them on your chest near the shoulders. When you are ready, press them upward, above your head.

Do this slowly, and feel your muscles reacting and compensating to the resistance. When the kettlebells are overhead, hold for two counts and bring them back to the zero position or your starting position. Inhale deeply through your nostrils and exhale as you raise them up once again.

Another variation of this exercise involves holding the kettlebells at the sides (not the handle) like a hot potato. Raise the kettlebell and lock the elbows as you do so. Be careful with this variation as the handle can hit your forehead or the top of your head as you go down to chest level once again.

You may perform four sets of twelve repetitions each, or press overhead to failure. Remember to lock out your elbows when the kettlebells are overhead and keep your eye on them at all times. This will prevent most accidents – just keep your eye on the ballistic weights, and you should be safe while working out.

Kettlebell Snatch

Snatches are a great cardio exercise and while they are simple, they have been known to beat down even toughest soldiers in strength and endurance tests. To begin a kettlebell snatch, you will need a clear place to exercise and a single Russian kettlebell.

Pick up your kettlebell and swing it upward. When the kettlebell is near your chest level, knock it back just a little so the momentum is broken and push upward explosively. This technique is much easier than following the long arc from the floor all the way to the top.

Some people have injured themselves with this type of technique, and I wouldn’t want that to happen to you. Now, you need to remember to knock back the kettlebell so you can push it upward and lock it out. Do not allow the kettlebell to travel all the way to the top because if you try to break the momentum when it is already up there, your elbow is going to hurt.

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