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Professional Nail Art Tools at Home!

A nail art brush set and all the different varieties of nail art brushes it contains is the most advanced, professional nail art tools set available for home use.

What are Nail Art Brushes?

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These brushes allow you to create intricate, detailed, high-end art designs on nails.

Brushes are the traditional, old style, professional nail salon tools. They are a little more complex and complicated to use and handle than, let´s say, for example nail art pens (included in a nail art pens set), but in time and with a bit of learning, practice and determination you will be able to master the making of wonderful, immaculate and complicated professional looking designs on your fingernails and toenails.

Nail art brushes comes in so many varieties, shapes, sizes, materials and lengths it´s almost ungraspable!

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They are long or short, big or small, rounded or flat, angled or square, broad or pointy, rough or fine, synthetic or natural hair, wood or plastic handles/bases etc.

But at first glance, many of them still may seem to look very much alike and sometimes it can be hard to know the difference in usage of each and every one of them.

In the following, everything will be sorted out and explained, differences, best practice, best products, how to use a nail art brush set and for what!?


These beauty tools are designed for and requires, quite a good freehand technique when using them. But they are also very useful and versatile and will enable you to accomplish great and advanced artwork.

They can be used with both nail polish and acrylic color/paint.

Shany Cosmetics Nail Art Brush Varieties

Types of Nail Art Brushes

The brushes are made up of the handle or base, the ferrule and the tuft or bristles. The handle/base can be made of either wood or plastic. This makes no significant difference for the user. The ferrule is usually made of metal. The tuft or bristles however is made either from synthetic hair or natural hair.

A synthetic fiber hair brush are less expensive than natural hair brush and tougher to. Synthetic brushes can take more ”abuse” from the nail artist. Due to extensive experimenting from nail art brush manufacturers, the latest synthetic variants have developed a lot and adopted many of the qualities of natural hair ditto.

Natural hairs are more expensive and more exclusive. Almost all natural hair brushes are made of sable. The most popular hair comes from the tail of the Siberian Kolinsky Sable from Russia which is really a species of weasel rather than an actual sable.

The Kolinski sable hair has many advantages when it comes to creating art designs using paint tools in this material. The unique shape of the natural hair gives it the ability to form a beautiful point tip. Natural hair is also more absorbent than synthetic fiber made in a laboratory. The nail art brush with sable hair will point better and carry liquid paint better than synthetic brushes without recharging i.e. adding more paint. Natural sable hair bristles are more springy, absorbent, soft and cost-effective. They are also superior in strength, slenderness and resilience.

Siberian Kolinski Sable

Higher cost aside, the sable brush is the best alternative to choose since they will give you the prerequisite to achieve better results and they will be cheaper in the end since they last longer with proper care.

In general, the synthetic brush, withstands nail polish better while the natural hair brush are best suited for acrylic paint.

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Clean your tools thoroughly. The better you care for them, the better they will work for you and the longer they will last. Proper care will effectively extend the brush life span. Avoid having to buy new ones. Clean them with nail polish remover, Acetone and/or water depending on what type of color you use. Protect the bristles and keep them straight. Keep the ferrules clean to for longer lasting brushes. Protect and keep your nail art brush set neat, organized, compact, dust free and clean with a roll out type bag.

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Brush Variations Divided into Groups and Explanation of Use

For better understanding, the different varieties have been divided into groups in the following paragraph, explaining look and use.

  • Fan shaped brushes or Feather shaped brushes – Used to create single- or mixed multi color rainbow stripes or air-brush style designs. The brush can also be used to clean the nail surface or to remove surplus glitter etc.
  • Rounded Filbert brushes – Used to paint the nail surface and are the brush for which it is easiest to paint close to the cuticle.
  • Flat brushes – The flat brush come with both straight square- and slanted/tilted tip. The flat brush also come in many different sizes. The straight/square tip brush can be used to paint the nail surface with more precision. Can be used to apply base coat e.g. This type of brush usually works better for that purpose than the nail polish brush that comes in the nail polish bottle. The slanted/tilted tip brush is good for creating two color patterns and large petal flower or palm tree designs and also for shading the inside of larger designs. These tools are also sometimes called shading- or angular brush. They can also be used for gel application.
  • Flat Angled brushes – Flat angled ones also come with both straight square- and slanted/tilted tip. This type of brush also varies in size. The flat angled brush with any tip allows you to get a more controlled painting movement when creating designs and patterns such as e.g. Vertical simple flowers etc. These tools are also sometimes called shading- or angular brushes.
  • Line brushes or Fine Detail brushes – Are used to create specific small outline designs. This equipment has a very fine tip for easy application of designs like stars, fire, leaves, hearts, animals, faces or eyes, really any design that involves fine lines or intricate detail.
  • Striper brushes or Long Thin brushes – Used for stripes, long straight lines, long strokes, waves, zigzag patterns etc.  This brush can be useful to create decorations and designs such as country flags i.a.
  • Dotting and Marbling Tool – Used to create dots in different sizes and dot pattern designs. The marbler feature can swirl multiple colors on your nails to create a marble or spiral effect. This tool is great for abstract designs.

This about sums it up and gives you an overview of the various types available.

Pink Art Nails BrushesThe best way of action is to explore the different types and figure out the different uses.

Look to the internet and magazines for inspiration on styles, designs and for tutorials on exactly how to use, paint and create with each and every brush type.

Also think about that you can use them as a supplement to other fingertip art tools and supplies to make additions or fill in color.

A good rule to always keep in mind is that the bigger the brush, the less detail on the nail.

>> Great Video Explaining Brush Types and Use >>

Choose a Nail Art Brush Set for Maximum Flexibility and Best Price

To get maximum flexibility, variation and choice of paint gear you should choose to buy a set. This will give you lots of different brush equipment for all purposes all at once.

A set is the most affordable, cost-effective and convenient way of getting your hands on all tools needed to create sophisticated, elegant, cool and beautiful arty designs.

A high-quality, more expensive nail art brushes set is the best solution overall when it comes to acquiring artistic beauty brushes.

Black Red Nail Brush X3

There are lots and lots of manufacturers and brands and many of them carry sets. To find the best set for you, browse the internet for tips. Talk to staff in beauty supplies and cosmetic stores or ask a nail professional at a salon what they use.

Top manufacturers, brands and retailers of nail art brush set is: Shany Cosmetics, Mash, ASP, Bundle Monster, Cheeky, Debra Lynn, Fuji, La Demoiselle, Artisan, Sally Beauty, Beauty Secrets, Winning Nails, Viva la Nails, Kiko, Nail Gaga i.a.

A Nail Art Brush Set is the most professional and qualified way to create fantastic, beautiful, sophisticated and refined top-notch artistic design art on your nails in the comfort of your own home.

For a complete coverage of all the set variations available, please study our Main Art Nail Topic Article.


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