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What is a Gaming Keyboard and Why Do You Need One?

A game peripheral of this type is an expansion and development of the traditional standard computer keyboard fully adjusted to fit frequent playing computer PC gaming enthusiasts and serious hardcore pro gamers, fulfilling their respective function and features needs and wants to enhance the game play for winning, giving you as player the best possible sensational game experience, gaming success, gaming fulfillment, gaming enjoyment and fun!

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You can of course play any computer PC game with the standard computer keyboard. No game requires a special game board but with the fast development of today´s gaming industry and the increased complexity and depth of new games introduced on the market, your overall performance and ability to win, will be highly improved with a specially designed and produced gamers board.

A game unit like this will give you the ability to play games in faster, more comfortable, easier, more efficient, more responsive and smarter ways. This game equipment will take your game to the next level and give you a competitive edge over your rivals!

Gaming Keyboards – Functions and Features To Look For

They come in a wide range of varieties, prices and manufacturer brands. Choosing the best game tool to fit your needs and desires all depends on your gaming experience and level of expertise, and what features, functions, gadgets, ease of use, ergonomics and visual design you prefer when keyboard gaming. Price and sturdiness are also factors. This type of game gear comes in all variety’s, from advanced, complex high-priced to more simple, sleek and affordable.

Which is the best model and brand for you to choose also depends on the type of game you play, since different keyboards are better suited for different types of games like, FPS – First Person Shooter Games, RTS – Real Time Strategy Games, RPG – Role Playing Games, MMO – Massive Multiplayer Online Games or MMORPG – Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. Look for manufacturers recommendations.

Here are some of the main types, functions and features to look for when choosing this peripheral. Read reviews and tests on the Internet or in special gaming magazines to see the opinions of other gamers. Please note that all keyboards will not include every single function and feature.

Keyboard for gaming are available for both PC and Mac.

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Wireless Keyboard vs. Wired Keyboard

The first thing you have to decide is if you want a wireless keyboard or the traditional, standard wired keyboard with cable or cord.

A wireless one gives you freedom to move around with its bigger range and mobility. No wires clutter up your desktop and room. It is also more lightweight. The downside is that wireless ones in general have slower response and latency time and thus a lag between key push and game computer reaction. You can get sudden disconnections or bad connections in the wireless transfer during game. The battery can also run out of power. To avoid some of these problems make sure you have a super fast wireless LAN and router and that the wireless network is set up properly.

A wired one however have a much better response and latency time. The game performance is fast and accurate without a lag and every key push instantly initiates the game computer reaction.

The wired ones usually weigh more due to more electronics inside. Also you will have wires across your desktop and your movement range is limited.

Overall it is physically impossible for the wireless variant to be as fast as its wired counterpart. But with todays racing technology development, perhaps wireless can match the wired some day soon!??

Mechanical Keyboard or Standard Membrane Keyboard?

Secondly you have to decide if you need and want a mechanical keyboard or a membrane keyboard!?

Mechanical boards have mechanical switches beneath the keys as opposed to modern standard membrane computer boards who utilizes a flexible membrane layer beneath the keys.

The membrane keyboards require a complete depress of the key for it to react and send a flow of electric current for registration by the computer. There is little or no tactile feedback.

The mechanical unit uses sensitive mechanical switches which does not require full press down of the keys, thus having a much higher level of tactile feedback, faster actuation and response time. There is a variety of mechanical switch constructions, all with their own and different characteristics concerning tactile bump and click sound.

Mechanical units can also register many keys pressed at the same time, known as Key Rollover.

The mechanical type is “mechanical” and some people experience that it gives them more feeling when using it. It is also more durable and can withstand years of key pressing.

A mechanical gamers unit is optimal for serious and really advanced gamers due to speedy gaming performance, however, the mechanical tool is more expensive and it is also heavier due to all the mechanics inside. Still, a more standard membrane gamers unit will go a long way for the intermediate gamer.

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Additional Functions and Features

Last but not least, decide on which additional functions and features you want.

Hyper Responsive Keys

In gaming you want a quick and responsive keyboard. Especially the reaction time of the keys is vital. Hyper responsive keys allows your game key command to be actuated no matter how you press the key, whether it´s incorrectly pressed, fast or slow, hard or loose. Hyper responsive keys assures super fast key response time.


Main game control keys. Some brands have color replaceable WASD key caps, back-lit WASD cluster or even interchangeable WASD keys.

Non-Slip Keys

Some brands feature non-slip rubber finish keys and key top.

Programmable Keys

Special game keys that can be programmed to perform and execute game commands. This allows you to micromanage, program and write custom macros for multi command functions transferred into a single key. This key will then perform the whole lengthy sequence of actions in one key press. It is also possible to program macros on the fly i.e. assign keys multiple-functions swiftly during game play.

LCD Display

The LCD Display screen will provide you with vital real-time, in-game and external out of-game information and intelligence during game play, such as vital game statistics, player stats, notifications, system and server info, VoIP communication data and more. Some of the more competent keyboards for gaming also allow users to enjoy apps such as photo slide shows, YouTube-videos, instant messaging, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, screenshots, web browser, software macro-scripting etc.

Back Lighting

This cool effect illuminates the keys and board with multicolored light from underneath making it easier to locate main game keys in low lighted or dark surroundings. It also creates a cool gaming character and atmosphere in your designated game area at home. Brightness and colors are adjustable and multi-choice making it easy to personalize and match the kb to fit in design with the rest of your computer and game equipment.

Anti Ghosting

This function facilitates multi-key input i.e. many separate keys can be pressed simultaneously (Key Rollover) and all key presses will be recognized, recorded and not voided as errors. The keyboard does not drop keys pressed at the same time and the keys pressed will not become “ghosts”! It remembers and decodes each key press separately and executes the commands.

Gaming Mode

Switch which prevents the player from accidentally getting kicked out of the game. The switch disables desktop mode and Windows/Context Menu keys keeping you in-game mode when gaming.

Multi Media Controls

Allows on-keyboard control of computer and headset volume, mute, play list scrolling and playback through keys.

High Speed USB Ports

Super fast output and performance through 2.0 and 3.0 USB ports. Gives you highest possible game command transfer millisecond speed between the board and the computer.

Profile Switch

Function that lets you switch automatically or manually between your desired profile in each different game. The automatic function detects the preferred and pre-set profile in the running application.

Cruise Control

A cruise control key that, when pressed, will perform any key command or multiple key commands repeatedly until canceled.

Detachable Key Pad

Detachable and movable key pad allows you to choose right or left-sided key pad.

USB Headphone and Microphone Extensions

Separate jacks for each device allows use of analog headset and mic through USB connection for clear digital communication.


Special game boards are designed for ergonomic purposes to avoid wrist, arm, shoulder, neck and hand injury allowing many hours of health protected and consecutive game play.


Adjustability in all forms are a definite plus since you want and need to adjust it to the exact right height and angle for comfortable game play.


There is a wide price range in the market for this type of peripheral. The higher the price, the more advanced device. Choose according to your wallet, player level and desired functions, features and gadgets.


A gamer board has to be able to withstand a lot of abuse from the gamer and must be built in a sturdy way and in high-quality, long-lasting and durable materials since many gamers hammer and mash keys and buttons a lot, over long periods of time, during intense gameplay, especially if the game is not going their way.

Cool Design

The design elements are important to fit into your existing game environment and your planned or ongoing computer case modding.

Size and Weight

Consider your size and weight preferences.

System Requirements

Make sure your computer meets the keyboard system requirements.

Brands, Manufacturers and Models

Some of the top brands and manufacturers who offer some of the best gaming keyboards in the world with a wide selection of different high-quality products in all price ranges and full series of cutting edge functions and features are:

  • Logitech
  • Razer
  • SteelSeries (formerly Ideazon)
  • Mad Catz / Cyborg (formerly Saitek)
  • Microsoft
  • Corsair
  • Thermaltake / Tt eSPORTS
  • Cooler Master / CM Storm
  • AZiO
  • Sharkoon
  • Genius
  • Das Keyboard

Widely recognized and extremely popular among gamers are some of their best-selling and top models/products:

  • Logitech Gaming Keyboard G510
  • Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110
  • Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard
  • Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard
  • Razer Lycosa Gaming Keyboard
  • Razer Lycosa Mirror Gaming Keyboard
  • Razer Arctosa Gaming Keyboard
  • Razer Tarantula Gaming Keyboard
  • Razer Tron Gaming Keyboard
  • Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • Razer DeathStalker Ultimate Gaming Keyboard
  • Razer Marauder StarCraft II Gaming Keyboard
  • Razer Star Wars The Old Republic Gaming Keyboard
  • Razer Anansi Gaming Keyboard
  • SteelSeries Merc Stealth Gaming Keyboard
  • SteelSeries Shift Gaming Keyboard
  • Mad Catz Cyborg V.7 Gaming Keyboard
  • Mad Catz Cyborg V.5 Gaming Keyboard
  • Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. 7 Gaming Keyboard
  • Microsoft SideWinder X4 Gaming Keyboard
  • Microsoft SideWinder X6 Gaming Keyboard
  • Corsair Vengeance K60 Gaming Keyboard
  • Corsair Vengeance K90 Gaming Keyboard

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Buying One

Shop for your selected model and brand at well assorted game gear stores both offline and online. Make sure you get a warranty with your purchase. Also look for inclusion of instruction manuals and CD´s. Many manufacturers have driver installation download available straight from their respective website.


The goal is of course for you to find the best device suitable for your keyboards gaming, one that fulfills all of your functions, features and gadgets prerequisites, enhances your game play performance, gives you an extraordinary game experience and helps you accomplish that Ultimate WIN!

We,, want to guide you and inform you so that in the end you feel happy and satisfied with your eventual purchase. Pick up a gaming keyboard today to complete your arsenal! It´s Totally Worth It!

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