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Migi Nail Art Pens Set

All the Nail Art Pens YOU Need!

Easy and modern tools

A nail art pens set is probably one of the easiest, simplest, fastest and most fun ways to get started with creating beautiful, pretty and great looking art designs on your nails.

Cutting Edge Tool

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This type of pen is a modern and innovative development of the traditional old style nail polish or nail varnish brush and nail art brushes. It is a fairly new beauty tool on the market and is the result of creative experimentation on behalf of the beauty industry.

They are unique and have revolutionized the beauty, style and fashion world and the way we are able to create and achieve professional salon style art on our fingernails and toenails with ease in the comfort of our own homes.

What are they?

They are, in essence, pens that draw nail polish or paint. Compared to the more hard to handle, professional tools like nail art brushes, the pens gives you the possibility to recreate simplistic or intricate designs that has inspired you. Designs that you hardly cannot accomplish otherwise with a traditional Nail Art Brush Set.

Nails Supreme Nail Art Pens Set Star

How to Use Them?

The pen is specifically designed and manufactured to paint fine strokes, patterns, swirls or dots onto your fingernails and toenails.

They are designed for freehand drawing and application just as nail polish brushes and nail art brushes are. However….with a pen, the artist (that means You!) 🙂 gets a more firm grip on the tool and can accurately and with great precision, in stable strokes, apply the different designs.

Polish or paint is deployed through the pointed pen tip. Control how much polish or paint is released by squeezing the body of the pen.

MASH Nail Art Pens

They are also easy to clean with a sponge type nail polish remover. Some uses water-based acrylic paint for even easier cleaning. Also remember to check if the pen set you plan on buying contains any harmful chemicals!


A pen set and all the art tools it contains also work great in conjunction with all other types of different tools and supplies you use for this purpose..

Use them to make additions and fill in color or patterns when using other variations such as stamping, stickers or any other form of method.

NailRitz Jeweltone Nail Art Pens Set Multi ColorTypes of Nail Art Pens

There are many different types of pens and they also come in a wide range of shades and colors, even glitter, neon, glow in the dark and such.

Some of them are multi-function tools a.k.a. two-way pens, meaning they have one brush but also a pointed micro tip. The brush can be used for striping and the pointy tip pen for patterns.

Most pens are all-in-one and come including polish or paint. Many are also two-color with one color on each side. Some are also refillable which is great for your beauty budget.

To get maximum variation to choose from and in every imaginable color, the most affordable and convenient option is to buy a nail art pen set. Almost all manufacturers and retailers offers sets and you can buy them online or offline at reasonable prices in any beauty supplies and cosmetics store.

One of the most popular ones and a really good one too, is the Migi Nail Art Set with high quality color application tools in lots of varieties and colors. Migi also offers Free Refills which is quite Unique and Super Good!

Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens Set Multi Colors

 Pen Variations and Tips on Brands

  • Multi-function, all-in-one, two-way, two-color pens, e.g. Migi Art Set (including free refills), Nails Supreme, Nailritz, Nail Jazz, Sassy Nails, Nubar, My Manicure, Models Own/Wah, Cinapro/Sally Beauty, Essence i.a.
  • Felt tip marker style pens, e.g. Sally Hansen, Superdrug i.a.
  • Calligraphy style pens, e.g. Be Creative by Sam Biddle i.a.
  • Dotting tool pens, e.g. Dotting, Mash, Cheeky, Bundle Monster, Fuji, La Demoiselle i.a.
  • Nail art brush pens, really means the same as the first category but is sometimes called this.

The two last categories are not really pens but are sometimes referred to as “pens” due to similarities of the handle or tip.

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There are many manufacturers and brands of these cool beauty tools. To find the best ones for each purpose, look in well assorted beauty cosmetics and supplies stores, and ask the sales staff for advice. Also check out what types and what brands professional beauty salons use and talk to a professional within this field for their opinion.

Superdrug Finishing Touches Nail Art Pens Pink-Silver

Easy for Everyone

With this Style Pen Set ANYONE… of all ages, can create beautiful custom design artwork very easy!

Get Going! Try them Out! Create Brilliant and Outstanding Designs that Expresses your Personal Style and Individual Character!

Many sets includes a step by step instruction book and pictorial to teach and inspire! Also look for other extra included goodies at the time of your nail art pen set purchase!

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Be Creative Sam Biddle Calligraphy Style Nail Art Pens

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