Nail Art Set – Complete Setup for Arty Nails

Konad Stamping Nail Art Set

Nail Art Essentials – Tools and Supplies

Takes you all the way… perfect stunning nails!

A nail art set, or several, has got you covered when it comes to creating stylish artwork on your fingernails and toenails.

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This beauty style is really fashionable these days and has been called ”the new lipstick”. It´s a hot and bold beauty statement and a trendy fashion style. Women and girls of all ages and from all walks of life around the world apply this look.

What is a Nail Art Set?

A set (or two, or three), or more, will give you all the tools, supplies, equipment and accessories you need to get picture perfect nails and salon quality results at home.

There are many varieties of nail art sets to choose from like a:

  • Full set containing EVERYTHING, pens, brushes, nail polish, nail paint, dotting and marbling tools etc.
  • Nail art pens set with lots of nail art pens in different colors.
  • Nail art brush set with a wide range of nail art brushes in every imaginable size, quality and function.
  • Nail art polish set with nail polish, or nail varnish in all the colors and textures of the rainbow.
  • Nail art paint set containing lots and lots of water-soluble acrylic paint colors for nails art.
  • Nail art dotting tool set containing multiple nail art dotting and marbling tools.
  • Nail art stamp set including all the tools and supplies you need for stamping nail art.
  • There´s even Nail art sets for kids too.

Which set you choose all depends on your specific wants and needs!?

There are many really popular set brands. Check your favourite cosmetics and beauty supplies/tools online-store for a selection of the best and most popular brands and manufacturers.


A bunch of different sets, is really affordable and offer great value compared to getting your hands or feet art done at a professional salon.

Nail Art Set

Do It Yourself!

These types of sets allows you to unleash your artistic talent and make beautiful, attractive, hot and in-fashion nails using them as canvases.

It is EASY to DO Yourself! With a bit of learning, practice and the right tools you will be able to obtain professional salon quality nails in any look or creative design you want.

Only your imagination sets the boundaries and limitations for which look and style you GO for. To learn and get inspiration there are loads of tips, guides and tutorials online (text, video, pictorials etc.) as well as inspirational photos of different designs, styles, patterns, colors and techniques.

Check out magazines, books and TV etc. offline for knowledge and inspiration. There´s also classes and more formal education courses to take. Selling your knowledge, services and designs could even bring you in some extra income or be an alternative career.

How To Do It?

Color, designs, patterns and attributes can be applied on natural nails as well as artificial nails. Always start with well manicured and clean nails. Use a natural and clear base coat first. Then apply the colors, designs and attributes of your choice according to the  ”How To” information you have gathered from various sources. Finish off with a clear nail polish to protect your art work. To do all this, use the wide range of tools and supplies from each type of set.

Nail art sets will help you accomplish great art style nails! At a fraction of the professional beauty salon cost!

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What is Nail Art?

It is the decoration of fingernails and/or toenails with colors, designs and attributes. Design and style vary from subtle, classy, understated like simple dots and lines, mixed colors, paint splatter, neon, metallic and glitter effects to more complex and wild patterns like abstract, geometrical, tribal, animal print, flowers, stars, hearts, faces, flags, animals etc.

More experimental, taking it a step further, is the use of stickers, decals, stencils, foils, wraps, stamped patterns, tattoos, airbrush, graffiti, 3D effects like mosaic, lace, fabrics, natural materials, dried flowers, charms, magnets, beads, bullions, rhinestones, dangles, artificial stones, gems, pearls, crystals as well as real diamonds, other precious or semi-precious gemstones/jewelry and precious metals such as gold or silver etc.

Shany Cosmetics Nai Art Polish Set

The Origin

The beauty style has developed and derives from the ordinary, modern French manicure and pedicure.

Today’s pop culture art nail designs have recently become very big in Japan. It has also been popular in black communities around the world for quite some time. Now the trend has gone global and spread in extreme popularity worldwide.

All of the hottest Celebrities, Hollywood and Broadway Actresses, Rock/Pop Stars and Runway Models Love the beauty style and Shows it off!

But nail decoration and art has its origin much earlier than that. It can be traced back to ancient India, ca 5000 BC, where women dyed their fingertips with henna color. Ancient China, ca 3000 BC, also painted their nails with lacquer. Around the same time and forward the ancient Egyptians also decorated their nails. In Europe, during the Renaissance, wealthy women manicured their nails but no color or pigments were applied. In South America, approximately during the same time, in the 15: Th Century, the Inca civilization created the first real artwork on nails by painting eagles on them.

In the 1930s Revlon, Paris, France manufactured the first bottles of nail polish which revolutionized everything. During the same time period an American dentist from Chicago creates the first fake nails. In the 1970s the original French Manicure, historically originating from France, was re-invented in Hollywood. The rest we know and the interesting world of this art form continues to evolve.

However, back in ancient times they did not have these helpful and magical sets to make things easier for them. 🙂

Ciate Caviar Manicure Brittania Girl

Look Sensational!

This beauty, fashion and style art form is a great way of self-expression and standing out in the crowd. Make a fashion statement, send a style message, draw attraction, create attention and desire, and WOW your friends with great looking arty nails!

Coordinate, accessorize and top off your otherwise perfect fashion style (hair, makeup, clothes, shoes and accessories) with perfect nails.

Be beautiful, unique, glamorous, vibrant, fashionable, elegant, fabulous, cool, hot, cute, awesome, amazing, special, outrageous, daring and dazzling with your self-created art nails! 🙂

A Nail Art Set will get You there!

Sally Hansen Nail Art

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