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If you have been looking for the perfect training companion that you can safely use on your pet dog, the PetSafe Collar – Vibration PetSafe Bark Control Collar (PBC00-12789) is definitely on the A-list of the most effective bark collars on the market today. Unlike cheap substitutes, the PetSafe Bark Collar has been equipped with advanced audio and vibrational detection technology to avoid instances where the dog is corrected just because the bark collar detected barking from other dogs.

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The purpose of using bark collars is to ingrain in the subject’s brain that barking should be avoided, because it is a form of misbehavior and that instead of rewards or treats, all it will get when it barks is punishment.

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PetSafe Bark Collar Features and Advantages

Here are some of the unique features and advantages of using the PetSafe Collar:

1.    Patented PetSafe collars technology ensures that the animal is not corrected because the device detected noise or barking from other animals. This is an extremely important feature, because if the dog keeps getting corrected even if it is not doing anything, it will soon associate the device with mindless punishment and it will no longer respond to the corrections. If this happens, you will have to find another way to modify or correct your dog’s behavior.

2.    The PetSafe Bark Collar allows the dog owner to choose the right correction setting based on what type of behavior the dog is exhibiting. The correction setting is graduated from 1 to 10, with the first setting being the lowest and the tenth setting being the highest. If your dog is easily deterred, then it is only logical to choose the lowest setting. However, if your dog is really mad when it is barking and does not stop even with a few “shocks,” the highest setting may be able to correct it. Again, the device cannot make that decision for you. You must choose the right level of correction for your dog before using the device.

3.    The PetSafe Bark Collar only uses vibration and not electricity to distract the dog, and disrupt unwanted behavior. The PetSafe Bark Collar is the perfect choice for dog owners who think that metal prong collars and electric shock collars are inhumane, and must not be used on dogs. If you dislike the thought of shocking a dog with small currents of electricity, use vibration instead. The effect will be the same, and you will have the satisfaction of showing your dog that you should be the leader of the pack, not him. Using corrective devices can help dog owners who seem to have been dominated by dogs that are more interested in following their own rules than the rules set forth by their owners. Does this scenario sound familiar? If it does, you have to make sure that you are equipped with the right tool to ensure that your dog will indeed follow your lead. Because, if your dog refuses to follow your lead now, how will it follow your lead as it progressively becomes older and more resistant to training?

PetSafe collars offer dog owner’s a wide variety of bark control and training products and PetSafe Collar PBC00-12789 Vibration Bark Control Collar definitely is an A-class, effective, dog humane corrective tool that will help you control your dog and live in happy, loving, no bark harmony with your Fido.

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