Small Dog Bark Collars – Small Solution to Big Problem

Small Dog Bark Collars

Small Dog Bark Collars – Are You Buying the Right Small Dog Anti Bark Collar?

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Do you have a small dog that has a huge barking problem? Some breeds of dogs are very small, and yet they exhibit the loud, incessant noise level of much larger breeds. This excessive energy and barking may cause problems, especially if you live in a flat, apartment, or if you are in the city surrounded by neighbors who absolutely detest the sound of a barking dog. Image Credit: _tar0_ flickr

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To be fair to this kind of neighbor, though, it can be extremely irritating to hear mindless barking late at night, especially if you have just come home and all you want to do is to kick back and relax. One cannot kick back and just relax if the neighbor’s dog is noisy and uncontrollable.

What can you do to control your dog’s barking? Instead of punishing the dog by taking away his toys or by physically harming him (people have been known to slap, pinch, and kick misbehaving dogs), it is best to try to determine the root cause of the behavior first. If you cannot determine the unique root cause of the behavior, and the dog seems to be hell-bent on causing excessive noise throughout the day, you may find relief in using a small dog bark collar.

Small Dog Bark Collar Image Credit: Jared Wong flickr

Which Small Dog Bark Collar is Right for You and Your Dog?

A bark collar is an aversive instrument used to train dogs so that they avoid certain behaviors. Some bark collars are automatic, while others are triggered by a remote. Let us go through the various dog bark collars for small dogs that you can find on the market today.

The first type is called the Spray Collar. Spray collars are worn around your dog’s neck, just like any other collar. However, this particular collar has been equipped with a special audio sensor that reacts whenever a bark is heard. Think of the collar as a sound detector. When a bark is emitted by the dog, the bark collar immediately kicks into action.

Most manufacturers load citronella water in bark collars. A spray of citronella will release instantly once a bark is detected. Sometimes these collars release plain air, which is still effective in disrupting uncontrollable barking. Note, however, that some brands of spray collars are unable to detect high-pitched barking. If you have a small dog with a high-pitched bark, this type of bark collar may not react all the time.

The second type of bark deterrent is the Ultrasonic Bark Collar. Ultrasonic bark collars don’t make use of electricity or citronella sprays to get the job done. Instead, this bark collar emits an extremely high-frequency sound that can only be detected by dogs whose hearing is a thousand times more sensitive than humans. The dog will hear the high frequency sound, and it will react by stopping barking.

The third type of bark deterrent is the Electric Shock Collar. Small amounts of electric current are released whenever the dog is misbehaving. Shock collars can either be controlled by the dog owner (through a handheld trigger) or by remote triggers that activate whenever the target (the collar) is in range. Pet containment systems make use of a surveillance fence and shock collars to deliver small shocks to keep pets from running out into street, etc.

An affordable bark collar for small dog friends is a real easy way for you to deal with your little dogs’ big barking problem instantly.

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