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Golf Swing Tips: Learn To Play Golf Today

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Learning how to play golf for the first time can be exceedingly frustrating, especially if you have not been introduced to ideal practices. Check out today’s tips to improve your overall performance when teeing off out on the green:

Simple Golf Swing Tips

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1. To improve your overall swing technique, always be aware of the position or angle of your head relative to your arms and legs. Your whole body has an effect on your swing. It’s not just your arms and hands responsible for bringing power and accuracy to a swing – it’s your entire body.

Your whole body is a long kinetic chain that generates and transfers energy to every swing. The direction of your swing is determined by the position of your body. Small changes in your shoulder, head and leg positions can change the outcome of a swing.

Your head position, specifically, influences the direction of your downswing. When you lean to your right and you angle your head in the same direction, your club will inevitably move to the right during the downswing.

The same thing happens when you shift most of your weigh to the left and angle your head to the opposite side – your downswing will have a tendency to go left. Your head is like the rudder of the boat – it directs the rest of the body.

You have to be strategic when moving your head. If you move it around just you want to during a swing (e.g. to feel more comfortable) then you are not maximizing your chances of having a powerful, accurate swing because the ‘rudder’ is moving about.

2.  Are you having trouble with slicing your shots? Everyone does – even pro golfers hate it when they end up slicing a shot. There is a technique that you can use to avoid slicing the ball.

The first thing that you should do is to determine the target line or the imaginary line that will help you position your body in relation to the ball. The target line exists to guide your body and your swing so you can hit the ball toward the target (and not away from it).

Once you find the target line, rotate your upper body so that it moves a few degrees to your left. Your shot will be coming in from the left. Like a spring, your body was able to amass a lot of potential energy when you rotated your trunk.

You now have power – now you need accuracy. Accuracy will come from your hands and arms. Notice that you won’t be able to make any unnecessary movements when you have already rotated your upper body to the left.

Use your arms and hands to position your swing accurately. The mark of a good shot is that the spot near the heel of the golf club was able to make contact with the ball. This particular spot offers the golfer plenty of control and the impact of the club will be spectacular, trust me.

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