What is the Best Golf Swing Technique? – Find Out!

What is the Best Golf Swing Technique? – Find Out! Developing the Best Golf Swing - Amanda Costner

Developing the Best Golf Swing

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In golf, nothing is more frustrating than having an inconsistent swing. To many golfers, an inconsistent swing is a literal handicap in the game and it can affect your performance so much that you may feel like you don’t want to continue with sport anymore. Image Credit: Amanda Costner, Amanda’s golf swing, 300×202, Rickyballgame, Wikimedia Commons.

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If you have been feeling under the weather because of your poor golf swing, do not despair as we have prepared a great set of tips for you today. These tips will help you develop your best golf swing yet!

Your Best Golf Swing Ever - Amanda CostnerImage Credit: Amanda Costner, Amanda’s golf swing, 640×430, Rickyballgame, Wikimedia Commons.

Your Best Golf Swing Ever!

1. The first order of business when it comes to the perfect swing is your grip. Your grip is the equivalent of locking onto the ball. A firm and precise grip can help you send a golf ball flying through the air at speeds in excess of 200 km/s.

That is how powerful the human swing can be. Now, if you don’ know how to grip your golf club, here is a step by step guide. First, grab the shaft of the golf club with your left hand. There should be a miniscule space between your index finger and your thumb.

If your target is far away, position your thumb a few millimeters forward. This will give you more leverage and consequently, more speed and power. If your target is only a few yards away, it would be best to pull your thumb back, so you won’t be able to exert any excess power during your swing.

Next place your other hand on the shaft of the club. The finger positions would be essentially the same as the first hand. Grip the club in such a way that when you turn and perform a backswing, the handle won’t fly away. If your golf club is ballistic during the upswing and you keep losing control of it, you are gripping the club incorrectly.

You can place the pinkie of your topmost hand on top of the index finger of the lower hand or you can interlock it for a firmer grip. Choose a grip that works for you and stick to that grip to build your natural motor memory.

2. The really tricky part during the golf swing is the “follow through” or the basic form that your body should take to support the swing. The same concept is used in marksmanship, archery, etc. There must be proper follow-through to ensure that you will hit your mark.

Proper follow-through in golf can be achieved by following a few simple steps. First, learn to address your ball consistently. Addressing a ball means you will position the ball at the center of your line of sight.

Your feet should be shoulder-width apart during the approach and when you are ready to swing, turn your body to the opposite direction (like a coiled spring) and use the energy to send your golf ball aloft. Some beginning golfers slide toward the direction of the shot to give their swings more power.

This is a really bad practice as it has a negative impact on your accuracy. Instead of sliding, practicing turning and uncoiling during the actual swing. Your spine and head should remain in more or less the same position during the downswing and follow-through.

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