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Don’t Be Shy Anymore – Become More Confident - Don’t Be Shy - Overcoming Shyness the Easy Way

Don’t Be Shy : Overcoming Shyness the Easy Way

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It is completely normal to feel shy sometimes, but if your shyness is causing you to avoid people and potentially rewarding interactions with others, then your situation is not normal and your current mindset regarding social interactions is becoming detrimental to your personal development. Image Credit: Spektrum – “Don’t Be Shy” from Martin Swift on Vimeo.

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Fortunately, there are some easy ways to overcome shyness that you can begin practicing today. These techniques are geared toward increasing your self-confidence and improving your overall communication skills.

The shyness that you experience when relating or interacting with others will slowly dissipate as you become more confident with your newfound social skills. Dont be shy anymore – Here are some tips to get you started:

Don’t Be So Shy – Tips on Improving Self-Confidence and Communication SkillsImage Credit: Spektrum – “Don’t Be Shy” from Martin Swift on Vimeo.

Don’t Be So Shy – Tips on Improving Self-Confidence and Communication Skills

1. Too often, chronically shy individuals focus too much on their own emotions and the usual cycle of thoughts that manifest when it’s time to socialize with others.

These thoughts and emotions not only worsen a person’s shyness but they can also distract you from the actual interaction. It takes a lot of energy to sustain these thoughts and emotions – so it’s time to slowly let go of them.

From now on, we would like you to begin focusing less on yourself and more on other people. Move outward from the restricting place that you formerly inhabit in your own mind.

This small, cramped space is causing you to be too shy for your own good. As you move away from this cramped space, you will realize how wide, bright and happy the world can be, if only you would start reaching out to people.

2. Some people can strike up a good conversation in a matter of seconds, some can’t. It’s just the way it is – so don’t beat yourself up if you belong to the second group of people. There is nothing wrong with you! However, there is something missing from the equation and that would be… preparation.

Preparing for a conversation may seem like a strange proposition, but if you think about it, it’s the perfect antidote for someone who feels anxious just before talking to somebody.

How do you prepare to talk to someone? Preparation can be as simple as relaxing with a hot bath or reading something interesting that you can share during the conversation. It’s really up to you; there is no single method of preparing for a conversation.

3. The worst thing that you can do when you are trying to win new friends is to send the wrong signals to people around you. Being chronically shy can do funny things to your body language and the way that you generally communicate with others.

Before entertaining the idea that people generally don’t like you, try examining how you present yourself to others. How friendly are you when someone reaches out to talk to you? Do you smile when you talk? Do you purposefully make eye contact to show that you are interested in what the speaker is saying? What about your tone of voice, do you adjust it to match the tone of the other person or do you choose to be curt and somewhat indifferent when you respond?

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