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Remedying Shyness in Children

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There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing a perfectly beautiful and smart child suffer because of chronic shyness. If you have a child at home that is constantly avoiding contact with other children because he/she is shy, you may try any of the following kid-friendly solutions to shyness. Image Credit: child, cute, girl, hat, people, shy, baby, toddler, Ben_Kerckx, pixabay.

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Note that these solutions are geared toward children who have no additional behavioral issues that may affect their ability to interact with others. If you suspect that your child is experiencing shyness due to other reasons, consult with a child therapist or a similar, relevant professional for help.

Shyness and Anxiety in Children – Solutions - Shy ChildImage Credit: child, cute, girl, hat, people, shy, baby, toddler, Ben_Kerckx, pixabay.

Shyness and Anxiety in Children – Solutions

1. Under normal circumstances, shyness in children can be easy to remedy if a child is part of a group. But that’s the main problem that many parents face: children can be so shy to the point that they don’t have a group that they can call their own.

If this is the case then you should step in to make new acquaintances and friendships possible. Forcing kids to be ‘friends’ never works, so it would be best to create the situation and wait for your child to interact with other children.

It may take a while for your child to open up to other kids, so make sure that the activity that is associated with socializing can be enjoyed by your child as well. If socializing will not motivate your child, the main activity will.

For example, you can organize a Lego Party at home and invite a few kids over so your child can interact with other children in an environment that he considers familiar, safe and comforting.

2. As a parent, it can become exceedingly frustrating to see your child behaving in a different manner when there are other children around. It is actually very easy to lose one’s temper and view the behavior as some form of disobedience.

However, if we look closely at a shy child’s behavior you will find clues as to what a child is really thinking about. You have to slowly ease out what the child is feeling or thinking at the moment so you can facilitate his/her interaction with other children.

3. Some children are responsive to positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are simply statements that emphasize positive action, attitudes or behavior.

For example, if your child is anxious about making friends, have him remember the affirmation “I am a friend machine!” or something similar.

Remember – a child will only respond to a positive affirmation if the statement itself resonates and is understood fully by a child. If the child does not fully understand the meaning of the positive affirmation, it won’t work.

You can start with one positive affirmation and move on to different affirmations as you move along. Of course, a positive affirmation would have no impact if the child does not have the opportunity to practice the affirmation in real life. That’s your job as a parent – to create situations and opportunities for your child to practice positive behavior and actions.

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