Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner – Powerful Cleaning

Hoover Carpet Cleaner SpinScrub

The Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner – Power Review

Cleaning interior carpeting is a tough job and requires the right equipment, machines and know-how.

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Our household carpets are made of natural fibers or synthetic fibers and other materials that are highly absorbent. House-wide, wall-to-wall carpeting, floor rugs, upholstery and other textiles in our homes attract dust, dirt, grime, stains and microscopic particles.

Carpets covering the floors of our homes are essentially dust and dirt magnets and can pose a serious health risk, and be the cause of asthma and allergies ao.

That´s why it is of vital importance to clean interior carpeting, bare floors and upholstery on a regular basis.

Cheap And Fast DIY

If you are a DIY kind of person, who doesn’t mind fixing things around the house or do a bit of general house cleaning, then you could try cleaning your carpets and bare floors yourself to save your hard-earned cash.

You could try cleaning, using the traditional methods and equipment and scrub carpets the old-fashioned way on all fours, and you will find out just how hard work it is and that it takes a very long time to do. In addition it is also hard to get your carpeting perfectly clean.

The cleaning needs to be done in a professional way in order to obtain real clean results, and professional carpet cleaning services or rental machines are expensive, especially if you have to use their services regularly.

The time you save from having your carpets cleaned by professionals usually doesn’t justify the long-term cost. This is extra true if you have a lot of household carpets but still want to keep them really clean, health-safe and fresh-smelling.

So, how do you keep your carpets clean without breaking your household budget and end up spending a fortune on pro carpet cleaning services, but still have time left to do other household chores or perhaps something more relaxing or fun?

The answer, and the solution to this problem, is The Amazing Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner. This clean machine is very easy to use and it´s really powerful. It doesn’t cost you a fortune and It get´s the job done!

Hoover SteamVac Carpet CleanerPowerful Cleaning

The Hoover SteamVac carpet cleaner is really user-friendly and easy to operate. Set it up, Hook it up and you are Ready to Go!

It´s equipped with a powerful 12 amp. motor to give you high-efficiency cleaning. The Hoover cleaner cleanses all the dirt, dust, grime, stains and particles from deep within your carpets fibers, making them super-clean.

Other carpet cleaner brands on the market are smaller and less powerful but still might do a fair job. The Hoover carpet cleaner however is powerful enough to produce excellent, squeaky-clean results in record time.

Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner SpinScrub

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The Efficient SpinScrub System

So, what is it that makes this handy cleaning machine work so efficiently?
One of it´s many powerful features is that it´s equipped with a total of five multi-directional, three-speed, rotating brushes which makes for efficient and deep cleaning. The five spinning and scrubbing brushes surrounds the carpet fibers and removes dirt from every angle of the fibers.

Other carpet cleaning devices, from competing manufacturers, have only one or two rotating brushes. The Hoover carpet washer has more than double the number of scrubbing brushes. And the brushes are multi-directional, meaning they all rotate in different directions, multiplying their efficiency.

The five powerful brushes of Hoover´s exclusive SpinScrub system, rotates, spins, and scrubs every inch of your interior carpeting removing dirt, grime, stains, dust and particles like there´s no tomorrow. The brushes are easy to clean too due to the pop out and rinse function.

The power and efficiency of the SpinScrub system also means that you won’t have to perform repeat cleaning. Hoover´s machine takes care of everything properly the first time around, leaving no dirt behind. That is the REAL time saver!

>>> Video – Hoover SteamVac Cleaning Carpet F5914900 <<<

Professional Quality Carpet Cleaning

If you don’t mind cleaning your own carpets, hardwood floors or upholstery at home, and can spare some leisure time, then divert some of that surplus time to this task.

With the help of Hoover SteamVac, your home will be as clean as never before and your carpets will look and smell like they have been professionally cleaned.

And, another thing, you will never have to scrub extra tough stains manually anymore. The days of manual carpet cleaning and scrubbing on stains are over! Hoover´s Steam Vacuum has yet another awesome feature called the Clean Surge.

When activated, the Clean Surge feature of the machine releases carpet cleaning solution on the target stain spot. Just scrub the spot with the SpinScrub power brushes and that extra amount of cleaning solution will go to work, effectively attacking and cleaning up even the toughest spot.

Hoover SteamVac Clean Surge Control

Additional Features

In addition to these top features, the cleaning device from Hoover also comes with the following features. Two water tanks system that separate clean and dirty water, Extra heat drying system, Stress tested built to last construction, Full one-year warranty, Extra extension tools for carpets and upholstery with SpinScrub function including a long eight-foot hose, Bare floor nozzle, Brush speed control, Brush indicator, On/Off foot pedal, Handle release pedal and The 27-inch wraparound cord ao.

Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner Power CleaningPower Machine

Hoover SteamVac carpet cleaner easily and effectively cleans your household carpets and more, with ordinary hot tap water and carpet solution, using all of it´s unique features and functions. It´s a really powerful, one of a kind machine, and your reliable source for clean floors that will save you time and money, should you decide to buy one.



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