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Hoover SteamVac

The New Definition of “Clean”, Hoover SteamVac

We all know what a tough job cleaning interior carpeting and upholstery can be! Especially for all of us who live a hectic lifestyle and have a limited amount of time on our hands.

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Very, very few homeowners, or people who rent their home, have the hours and the free time during their busy weeks to manually clean the carpets in their homes.

Times have changed, we live in a hectic modern world and manual cleaning of carpets is just not practical anymore!

In the end, almost all homeowners resign to the fact that they will have to get professional help and pay for upholstery and carpet cleaning services. Because after all, we all want to have clean, fresh scenting and allergy free homes.

Hoover Steamvac Cleaner

Dirty Carpets = Risk for Asthma and Allergy

Carpets in your home looks beautiful and feels nice, warm and cozy to have, but without regular cleaning of the interior carpeting, you and your family members are at risk, and eventually might end up suffering from asthma or other allergic reactions and ailments. Interior carpeting in households can contain and hoard a lot of hidden dust, mites and all sorts of other harmful particles.

Hoover Steamvac Carpet Cleaner

Efficient, High-Powered Carpet Cleaning

Now you no longer need to pay for expensive professional carpet cleaning. There´s a great, efficient and affordable alternative. A high-powered, dependable, portable, fast and efficient carpet cleaner for home use. It gives you all you´ll ever need to keep your household carpets, bare floors, upholstery and other textiles clean.

In fact, the Hoover SteamVac helps you clean your entire home. But, Hoover´s device is no ordinary carpet cleaning machine.


It was designed and built for power, speed and efficiency. This carpet cleaner is equipped with a powerful motor which effectively cycle the clean and the dirty water, ensuring great, clean results. You will experience a whole new level of clean and be impressed with the characteristics and functions that makes this home cleaner so effective and helpful.

The power motor continuously rotates the cleaner head with five built-in scrubbers that do all the hard work for you. The Hoover Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge ensures maximum efficiency cleaning and produces great, clean and solid results.


Hoover SteamVac With Clean Surge

Dry Carpets in No Time

Carpets are made of, and built up by fibrous and absorbent materials. These materials absorb water deeply into the carpet with speed and you need a carpet cleaner that handles this problem fast enough otherwise you will end up having to wait for hours for your carpets to dry.

The Hoover carpet cleaner handles this issue with elegance and you will enjoy completely dry carpeting much faster. This carpet cleaning machine scrubs and cycles the water with such efficiency that the carpets dry almost instantly. The cleaning solution is mixed with hot water inside the machine and you will have full control over how much fluid and hot water is dispensed and used when you attend to your household carpets.

If you, for any reason, want to speed up the drying process, you can apply direct heat onto the carpet with the Hoover cleaner. It´s really easy and user-friendly so you don’t have to read a complicated manual. There´s no need for inconvenient, bulky heaters either to achieve dry carpets and speedy drying times.

Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaning

Save Time And Money

Hoover´s cleaning machine is really affordable and it saves you money. It is reasonably priced for purchase, and just think of all the money you will save, without the cost of having carpets cleaned professionally by a cleaning service.

Save time and money and enjoy a clean, fresh smelling and allergy safe home. Have a nice home dinner for family and friends or throw a party and showcase the cleanest carpets in town. All you need is the Hoover carpet cleaner!

Hoover SteamVac SpinScrub

Tough On Stains

Do you sometimes get tough carpet stains? Don´t worry! The portable Hoover washing system has another built-in secret function, The SpinScrub system, which deals efficiently with those tough carpet stains.

Hardworking, tough scrubbers are attached to the main cleaning head. They are designed to spin in different, opposite directions resulting in clean results even on the toughest stains. No ounce of dust or dirt will be left untouched once the Hoover SteamVac SpinScrub begins its efficient and magic work.

When you are done cleaning, simply detach tank number two, containing all the dirty water, accumulated while cleaning. (Tank number one holds clean water).

>>> Video: Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge, F5914-900 <<<

Experience The “New Clean”

If you want a fast and efficient cleaning machine and a really CLEAN household, then Hoover SteamVac is for You!

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Hoover SteamVac Upholstery Cleaning



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