How to Use a Hoover SteamVac – Beginners Guide

How to Use a Hoover SteamVac

Simplified and Compressed Primer on How to Use a Hoover SteamVac?

Have you just bought a Hoover SteamVac with Clean Surge or are you thinking of buying one? Well, if you have or if you are, you will be amazed of its powerful cleaning abilities, versatility and ease of use.

You will be stunned over just how clean and health safe your interior carpeting, bare floors and upholstery really gets, and you will be very happy with the overall performance and results. Plus the fact that this household appliance will protect your carpets and floors, extend their life and preserve your floor investments and the value of your beloved home.

Not only is Hoover the leading brand in home carpet care in The United States, and perhaps in the whole world, but the Hoover SteamVac with Clean Surge F5914900 is also one of Hoover´s most popular products and it´s responsible for bringing fast and efficient cleaning into the largest number of US households, compared to competing models and brands.

This extremely popular carpet cleaner is packed with cleaning power for your household cleaning. It comes equipped with a powerful motor, efficient SpinScrub technology with fast scrubbing, multi-directional brushes, a special Heated Drying feature using hot air to speed up carpet drying time and the Clean Surge feature that applies extra cleaning solution on tough spots and dirty heavy traffic areas.

Your Hoover SteamVac will keep your floors truly clean, spotless and healthy for years to come!

But how do you actually get started setting it up and get busy cleaning quickly? We have solved this problem for you…….

Here´s a Beginners Guide on How to Use a Hoover SteamVac!

SteamVac with Clean Surge

Study and Follow Safety Instructions

First of all, study the Hoover SteamVac Manual carefully before you start assembly and use of the machine. The Owner´s Manual contains all the operating and servicing instructions you will need. It also contains important Safety Instructions and the Limited One-Year Warranty, so make sure to keep it safe along with your sales receipt.

Reading, taking the necessary precautions, and following the Hoover SteamVac instructions and warnings on safety will protect you and your family + pets from the risk of fire, electric shock and injury.

Take special notice of the Caution and Important information squares inside the manual. Also read warning texts on the back of the cleaner.

To reduce risk of injury from moving parts, fire or electric shock, always unplug the cleaner from the electrical outlet when handling it for other purposes than cleaning.


Note that this electric household appliance must be grounded via a properly grounded outlet. Read the Hoover SteamVac Instructions on Grounding and the Danger Warning text explaining the risks of improper connection of the equipment grounding conductor and grounding plug.

The machine is equipped with a three-pole conductor/plug at the end of the cord, fitting a three-pronged outlet or receptacle.

If you only have access to two-pole outlets or receptacles in your home, you can use a temporary three-pronged adapter, to connect the machines conductor or plug into the two-pole outlet/receptacle, until you can have a properly fitting grounded outlet installed by a qualified electrician.

Make sure to secure the adapter to the outlet with a screw. Using the proper outlet is a much safer way to plug the appliance in.

When you have made sure you have a secure power source in your home, you can then move on to the assembly process.


Carpet Cleaner Assembly

Carton Contents

The Hoover SteamVac comes with Easy Out-of-the-Box Assembly. Remove all parts from the product carton. Make sure that all parts are included.

Identify the following components;

Carpet cleaner body with two tanks, Handle assembly with Handle bolts and nuts, Hose and Hose bracket, Tool holder with attachment screw, Upholstery tool, Nozzle cleaning tool, Bare floor attachment, Deep Cleansing Detergent bottle, Owner´s manual and the Powered SpinScrub hand tool. (Some components are available on select models only).

You will need a Phillips screw driver for the assembly.

Attach Handle

Attach the handle of the carpet cleaner by pushing the upper handle firmly and completely down onto the lower handle. Push the appropriate bolts through the holes on the handle front. Do not add nuts yet.

Attach Hose Holder

Push the hose holder into place on the protruding bolt-ends at the back of the unit. Secure the hose holder by putting nuts in place and fasten them with a screw driver.

Attach Tool Holder

Attach the tool holder with the screw in the lower back of the machine. Attach the tool holder via the insert projections and fit them into the slots on the back of the cleaner. Fasten and tighten with the screw. The upholstery tool stores neatly in the tool holder bracket.

Store Hose + Attach Solution Tube

Fit the converter end of the hose over the tab (on the tool holder) on the machine back. Press the converter firmly and snap it into place. Now press the solution tube into the clip next to the converter (on the tool holder).

Wrap the hose counterclockwise around hook on upper handle and continue around by pressing the hose into clips on the upper hose holder.

Store Cleaning Tool

To store the included Cleaning tool, either the Powered hand tool or the Upholstery tool, open the tool door on front of the appliance, place and fit the cleaning tool connector or nozzle (depending on tool type) in the bracket. Secure it into position.

The tool cover door has a break-away feature design. The tool storage cover door snaps free if you push it open too far, and is easily reattached by fitting hinges into place and pushing it back into secure position.

Store Power Cord

There is storage hooks for the power cord on the back of the machine. Wrap and wind it up easily.

Insert Clean Water Solution Tank

Insert tank by setting the bottom end in first and pivoting the top of the tank back into the locked position.


Your Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge is now assembled and ready to operate!

>>>> Video; Hoover SteamVac Assembly F5914900 <<<<

The Hoover SteamVac Manual

How To Use?

To operate this powerful cleaning machine with maximum capacity make sure you are familiar with all the different features, functions and parts of the carpet washer. Study the Cleaner Description in the Hoover SteamVac Manual thoroughly. There are also useful instructions on how to easily transport and carry the portable carpet cleaner.

The Hoover SteamVac instruction manual describes in exact detail How to use the Hoover carpet cleaner.

This article is a primer guide containing simplified and compressed but highly useful information. Enough for you to be able to assemble your appliance and start cleaning with it fast.

For full detailed information, directions and instructions, always refer back to, and consult, the original Hoover SteamVac instruction manual included with your product purchase.

The Dual Tank System

SteamVac Clean Water Solution Tank

Clean Water Solution Tank

The Clean water solution tank (Upper tank) holds the cleaning solution that is dispersed on the cleaning surface while cleaning.

How to fill it

The carpet cleaners handle should be in the upright, locked position. Remove the tank by pressing down on the tanks handle and pull it forward.

Take the tank to the sink. Remove the cap by rotating the tank cap counterclockwise and lift it up. If you turn the cap upside down it will serve as a measuring cup.

Use the cap to measure detergent. For cleaning interior carpeting, carpeted stairs and upholstery, fill the cap with Hoover Carpet and Upholstery Detergent to the fill line which corresponds to exactly five ounces.

For bare floors fill the cap with the same amount, five ounces, up to the fill line with Hoover Hard Floor Cleaning Detergent. Hoover recommends using only Hoover detergents to assure proper performance.

Pour the appropriate detergent into the tank. Fill the tank to the fill line with hot tap water which corresponds to exactly one gallon.

Heavy Traffic Areas

For extra dirty heavy traffic areas like hallways and the living room, you should Pre-treat carpets with Hoover Spot and Stain Spray Cleaner. You can also just double the amount of Hoover Detergent to two cupfuls or ten ounces per one gallon tank. Spray the heavy dirt areas before scrubbing and cleaning with the carpet cleaner.

SteamVac Dirty Water Tank

Dirty Water Tank

The Dirty water tank (Lower tank) collects all the dirty water sucked up by the machine from the cleaned carpet. The dirty water is held within the tank and never comes in contact with the clean water solution due to the unique and refined dual tank flow system.

Automatic Shut Off Function

When the Dirty water tank is full an automatic shut off mechanism will shut off carpet cleaner suction. There will be a noticeable reduction in suction power.

When this happens it is indicated by a yellow marker float disk that rises to the top of the tank lid. The cleaning machine will no longer suck up liquid and motor sound will become noticeably high in pitch.

Action: Turn off the machine and unplug it. Empty the Dirty water tank before continuing to use the machine.

How To Empty It

Step on the special handle release pedal and lower the handle all the way down to the floor. If you have the hose connected, then disconnect it.

Rotate the Dirty water tank latches outwards. The latches are located, one on each side of the tank.

Lift the tank off the machine and carry it to the sink or a drain.

Unlatch the back part of the tank lid and remove the lid. Empty the tank by pouring dirty water out, and disposing of it, from the tanks rear.

Replace the lid by fitting in the hinge-like brackets to the correct position. Close the lid. Make sure that the lid is tight and secure on all sides of the tank to ensure full suction power.

Place the tank back onto the machine by doing the opposite procedure with the tank latches as mentioned above.

SteamVac Brush Speed Selector and Brush Indicator

Brush Speed Selector

Select desired brush speed with the three agitator brush settings by sliding the selector button to each setting. Choose HI for normal cleaning of carpets and bare floors, LO for gentle cleaning of the same and OFF for picking up spills.

Brush Indicator

The Brush indicator spins when the machine’s power is On and the brushes are rotating correctly. When power is Off and the brushes are´nt rotating, the indicator does not spin and the symbol pattern is visible to the eye.

Three Reasons Why Brushes Are Not Rotating

  • The brush speed selector is set on Off.
  • The solution tube is connected.
  • The brush indicator screen is dirty.

Clean the indicator screen by removing the clear cover and wipe it with a damp cloth. When finished, snap it back on.

How To Clean?

There are extensive instructions in the Hoover SteamVac Instruction Manual on How to clean every type of different surface and on What to do before you begin cleaning. Study these directions carefully for best cleaning results.

Here are some examples;

  • Vacuum clean surfaces thoroughly before using the carpet cleaner.
  • For upholstery cleaning, check the cleaning codes on the upholstery fabric.
  • Test all cleaning surfaces for colorfastness.
  • For entire floor cleaning, move furniture or place aluminum foil or wax paper under furniture legs to prevent staining.
  • Pretreat stains, spots and heavy traffic dirt areas by spraying with spray cleaner.
  • Prevent staining and protect wood or metal surfaces from water spray by using plastic or aluminum foil.
  • Avoid wetting and possible damage to wood floors underneath area rugs and carpets by moving them or by placing waterproof material under them. Rinse cautiously to avoid damage.
  • Empty, rinse and clean the dual tanks for long-lasting tanks and good cleaning results.

Carpet Cleaning

Fill the Clear water solution tank with detergent.

Move the brush speed selector to desired setting depending on cleaning intensity. Experiment with different brush speeds for optimum cleaning results.

Plug the machine into the power source, a grounded electric outlet. Do not clean over floor based electrical outlets.

Avoid walking on damp carpet by starting at the end of the room which is farthest from the room, door or path to the sink where you can empty and fill the tanks.

Step on the handle release pedal and lower the handle to operating position. Turn the power on.

Squeeze the solution trigger to release cleaning solution and push the carpet cleaner forward slowly. This is called one or first wet stroke. Continue to squeeze the trigger and pull the cleaner back towards you slowly. This is the second wet stroke. Release the trigger and push the cleaner slow over the area you just sprayed with solution. This is the dry stroke.

Overlap strokes by one inch to prevent streaking. Keep the nozzle flat on the floor both for forward and reverse strokes.

For really effective cleaning, clean the room in small sections. This type of SteamVac cleaning requires a different technique than cleaning with a vacuum. For extra dirty areas, repeat the back and forth motion with the cleaner.

If you have areas that are particularly soiled or stained, use the Clean Surge feature.

Always alternate wet and dry strokes. Avoid saturating carpets by using no more than four wet strokes over one area. Always end the procedure with dry strokes.

To obtain the best cleaning results and to dry carpets faster, end with many dry strokes. Continue with dry strokes until only a small amount of water is visible passing through the transparent blue plastic Nozzle and through the transparent Dirty water tank´s lid.

>>>> Video: Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaning <<<<

Clean Surge Button

The Clean Surge button is used to dispense an extra spray or surge of solution when you are cleaning very dirty and soiled carpet areas or on stains. Use the function by pressing the Clean Surge button while at the same time squeezing the solution trigger. To return to normal solution spray, release the Clean Surge button while continuing to squeeze the solution trigger.

SteamVac Clean Surge Button

Now You Know How To…

Now you know how to assemble your carpet washer, something about safety precautions, how some of the most important features and functions work and how to clean carpets with this high-powered, high-efficiency machine. Now you know How to Use a Hoover SteamVac!

Hoover SteamVac Owners Manual F5914900

Additional Information in The Hoover SteamVac Manual

But there is still so much more to know and learn about this advanced household gadget. All specific information you need to know in order to use it safely, take full advantage of the cleaners many features and functions and to get perfect cleaning results is available in the Hoover carpet cleaner manual.

Apart from everything we have covered in this article, the Owner´s Manual (in English, Spanish and French) explains and features information on Picking up spills, Cleaning Bare floors with the special Bare floor attachment, Using the included Tools to clean carpeted stairs and upholstery, Procedure After cleaning, Maintenance/cleaning the machine, Storage, Lubrication, Troubleshooting checklist, Helpful reminders and tips, Service and assistance with Contact information, Suitable Cleaning products, Warranty and more.

More information on SteamVac, SteamVac Carpet Cleaner, SteamVac with Clean Surge, SteamVac Parts and our SteamVac Review can be found HERE! <<<<

Hoover SteamVac with Clean Surge Horizontal

You Are In For A Grand Time

If you recently purchased a Hoover SteamVac with Clean Surge or you´re just about to buy one, you´re in for a Grand Time.

This carpet cleaner is unique and one of the best carpet washers on the market. It deep cleans your interior carpeting, bare floors and upholstery. It is easy to use and has lots of efficient and useful features to keep your home clean, fresh, healthy and spotless.

We hope this Beginner´s Guide has been helpful in explaining, and giving you an overview on How to Use a Hoover SteamVac. Read the official Hoover carpet cleaner manual for additional and more detailed information.


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