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Oil rig jobs are not just about finding more oil! There are now diverse opportunities requiring physical and mental efforts. While there is the need to use the heavy machinery and withstand the various heat and humidity levels, the oil rigs cannot function without the IT people. There is a lot of machinery and technology on the sites, which lead to the opening of oil rig IT jobs. Image Credit: snapper crawfish head flickr

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Once you have your IT degree, you may be looking at opportunities in the world. You don’t need to have experience in extraction sciences, geology or any of the other degrees to get one of the oil rig jobs on offer within the IT department. There are onshore and offshore opportunities for jobs on an oil rig.

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Oil Rig Jobs IT – IT Career Options and Possibilities

IT professionals are able to handle a variety of different positions. The companies will take experience into consideration and jobs on an oil rig are competitive. Following the below options just gives you some ideas for possibilities to make the most of your career and find somewhere within the industry that you could prosper in. To actually get hired, you will need to put the effort into your application and interviews.

  1. Skilled workers are often needed to help man the international explorations when searching for the oil deposits in the corners of the world. These are large multimillion dollar corporations abroad looking for the skilled workforce. You will usually need to improve the existing systems for recording to help with updating the information. The oil company can also offer other opportunities to those in the IT profession.
  2. There are oil rig IT jobs available for those with data and programming experience since there is the need to calibrate and measure the unique flow systems and maintaining the stability on the oil rig. There is so much happening that there is always the need for extra hands, even when there is already a handful of IT professionals on the rig. If you also have credentials in accounting and similar qualifications you will also increase your chances of finding work.
  3. There are engineering teams within the oil companies to make sure the oil rig remains efficient and stable. These teams need a variety of skills and there will be a range of semi-skilled and skilled workers to make sure the day-to-day running of the operation is smooth. Employers always look out for people who will bring something different and beneficial to the company and may open oil rig IT jobs specifically for applications.

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