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Texas is one of the riches states in the United States for oil. Currently, black gold is still evident and doesn’t show to be leaving. Wondering about Texas oil rig jobs? There are many of them and here are some statistics to help back that up:

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1.    There was an average of 1,600 drilling permits issued per month in that state just last year. That’s 19,200, approximately, of profitable oil rigs and wells just in Texas! This is great for those looking to start their career in the oiling industry since it opens the opportunity for plenty of oil rig jobs in Texas, both onshore and offshore.

2.    Production in Texas of oil was up in 2011 by about 4m barrels. This is a major increase and has meant that the nation is able to stockpile crude oil, making it more sustainable over the years, even if peak oil hit deposits offshore.

3.    There is an average of 530m barrels of natural gas harvested each month. This isn’t an increase but it isn’t a fall either. The consistency should lead to more unique oil rig and gas rig opportunities over the years. Image Credit: Oil Monahans Texas Sunset West Texas lalabell68 pixabay


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Oil Rig Jobs Texas Style

If you would like to work on a Texas oil rig, there are different positions for different levels of experience and skill, entry level to advanced. Here are some of the common Texas oil rig jobs available:

1.    The Floorhand. This is a physically demanding role and you will need to do a variety of tasks during your working day. You may need to make sure the equipment is maintained on the lower and upper rig. You may have to do general repairs and maintenance work on various pieces of drilling equipment. You may have to mix the mud and do other functions while working with the Deckman. You will have to do the work the driller or assistant driller gives you.

2.    The Motorman. You will be assigned in the drilling areas and responsible for the drills to make sure they operate correctly and are maintained. These drills are needed to get the oil from deep in the oil. You will be at the disposal of the driller or assistant driller.

3.    The Rig Manager. As the rig manager, you will need to make sure that all workers are doing the activities and duties they should be. You will also need to make sure the tasks are efficiently distributed, executed and coordinated every day. There are a lot of duties to ensure that the drill sites are effectively working and the equipment is in good standing order. It will also be your responsibility to check the storage of any crude oil and train the newer employees on the Texas oil rig.

And of course, you get to work and live in the Beautiful, Great State of Texas. 🙂 If that’s not right for you or you’re looking for options, there’s also oil and gas industry jobs available in many other parts of the US such as oil rig jobs in North Dakota, California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Florida, Wyoming, Utah, Pennsylvania, Montana, Alabama, Arkansas, Washington, Mississippi and more.

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