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Whichever type of industry you want your career change in; there is a ladder that you must climb. This is no different with oil industry jobs. There are plenty of them but before you can reach the top, you will need to work your way up. You may have heard about the people earning six figure incomes but that doesn’t happen from the beginning. Image Credit: Oil platform in the North Sea Wikimedia Commons

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There are more unique specialist jobs available, earning more than $300,000 per annum but they have the exceptionally long hours and hazardous conditions for that.

You will not start from the top just because it’s what you want and you will need to look at the oil rig entry level jobs available.

All workers need to prove that they have what it takes to get the five figure income. Jobs in the oil and gas industry are physically and mentally demanding and draining. To take up the full time role, you will need to prepare to deal with that to survive.

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Oil Rig Jobs Entry Level Options

Still want to find oil rig jobs with no experience? Are you one of those who love to get your hands dirty and aren’t scared of being tired all the time? You’re in the right place to find out all you need about the entry level oil rig jobs available. These jobs help you get into the industry. From there, you can focus on climbing the ladder and getting the income that you have always dreamed about. Here are some of the positions available and examples of different no experience oil rig jobs.

  1. The Floorhand: This isn’t the greatest job in the world and you will be at the bottom of the ladder but it is worthwhile. You will learn a lot of skills and do a lot of different roles while in this position. There are some manual tasks involved, including repair work, cleaning and oil rig maintenance. While it may sound like a disappointing role, it is one of the best oil rig entry level jobs and you can soon climb up the ladder and get all the skills and qualifications you need.
  2. A Welder: Before you can get this job, you will need the experience in the way the rig works. It is possible to earn as much as $40,000 per year and there are other allowances, along with free boarding, when working on the rigs.
  3. A Steward: For those who enjoy cooking and aren’t bothered about cleaning, a steward job is a great way to get on the rig. You will work under the main cooks and there will be other duties involved. Performing these well will lead to climbing up that career ladder. The kitchen is an important part of the oil drilling workplace, even though it may not seem it at the time, and you will make a lot of workers happy when you provide great food to refuel them after a hard day on the rig.

There are a lot of oil rig jobs no experience required type of positions. Look for them on the Internet and in other reliable media sources or through employment agencies in your search for oil rig entry level jobs and the starting point for the job of your life.

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