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BOB Stroller Accessories

BOB Stroller Accessories: Have a Functional Stroller

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For many parents, pushing a stroller around can become a tedious task, especially if the stroller is not equipped with the right accessories. If you are planning on buying a BOB Revolution Stroller, or a BOB Revolution SE Duallie, you need to check out the available accessories that are now being sold worldwide through distributors and online stores.

These great accessories really define the next generation of functional strollers that provide enhanced function, safety, and stability. Here are the latest BOB Stroller accessories that you can use on your own stroller to make your trip even more enjoyable:

BOB Strollers Accessories

BOB Strollers Accessories Selection

1.    Handlebar console – The handlebar console is like an extended dashboard for your BOB Revolution Stroller. Like other strollers, the BOB Revolution Stroller is equipped with a single handle bar that you can use to steer, push, and stop the stroller whenever you need to.

The console accessory fits perfectly when placed on top of the handlebars. This means you won’t have to worry about the console accidentally slipping off when you are jogging or strolling about.

Each handlebar console is equipped with large zippered pockets and bottle pockets, so you can just place your own drinks or baby formula near the handlebars. Don’t worry, all handlebar consoles are manufactured with waterproof fabrics that don’t stain easily!

2.    Sun shield – Let’s face it: no one likes the sun in their eyes. If adults can’t take it, why should your child endure the harsh glare of the sun? You can easily block the sun with a BOB single sun shield.

The single sun shield attaches easily to the rim of the hood, and covers the cavity of the stroller completely. Soft netting protects your child from the sun’s heat and glare, while still allowing him to enjoy the sights and sounds.

The single sun shield also staves off biting insects and strong winds when you are in the great outdoors. Who says kids can’t enjoy the countryside? All you need is a single sun shield, and you are ready to go!

3.    Weather shield – If the sun is beating down on you and your child, you need a sun shield to protect your child from excessive glare and heat. However, if you suddenly find yourself in inclement weather with your child in tow, you can protect him from rain and strong gales of wind with a single weather shield.

Single weather shields are manufactured from durable TPU material, and are designed to withstand rain from any direction. Additionally, BOB weather shields have the ability to retain warmth while making sure your child has good airflow through specially placed vents.

Will your child be in complete darkness when you place a weather shield over his stroller? No. Each weather shield comes with a clear viewing panel, so your child can still enjoy viewing his surroundings, even if the weather isn’t cooperating.

4.    Car seat adapter – It’s a fact that many parents purchase car seats long before they think of buying full-sized strollers. If you already have a car seat from brands like Chicco, you can easily install your existing car seat on top of the BOB Revolution stroller with the use of a car seat adapter. The car seat adapter will fasten the car seat unto the stroller’s frame, and you can begin using it as if it was a part of the unique BOB Revolution Stroller.

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