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Are you a first-time parent with an active lifestyle? If you are, you are probably worrying about how you are going to fit your parental duties in with your fitness activities. How can you go running, walking, or jogging with a child in tow?

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Back in the day, going on a run or jog with a stroller in tow seemed like an impossible scenario, because strollers were generally flimsy and did not have the necessary stabilizing mechanisms to ensure a safe ride. Things radically changed with the introduction of the unique BOB Revolution SE Single and Duallie Strollers.

The BOB Revolution SE series provides absolute safety and maneuverability in both smooth and rough terrain. This series of strollers have been manufactured for active moms and dads who want to jog or run with their children.

Still skeptical? Take a look at the great features of the BOB Revolution SE Stroller:

BOB Strollers - The Best Running Jogging Fitness Stroller

BOB Revolution Stroller SE – The Best Running, Jogging and Fitness Stroller

1.    Multiple fastening systems & accessories – Each part of the BOB Revolution Stroller has its own dedicated fastening system, to ensure maximum safety for your child.

The canopy or hood of the BOB Revolution Stroller is also compatible with essential accessories, such as the weather shield and sun shield, so you can protect your child from the elements if you find yourself in inclement weather when you are jogging in the great outdoors.

All the mechanisms in BOB Revolution Strollers can be repaired easily at home with simple repair kits purchased directly from the manufacturer.

2.    Built for heavy duty use – 95% of strollers in the market today look pretty… But can they actually withstand the rigors involved when you go jogging or running?

More often than not, the answer is no. If you want a stroller that consistently performs even in rough terrain, opt for a stroller with a shock system, stabilizing wheels, and two modes of operation.

That’s right – the BOB Revolution Stroller has an independent shock system to reduce impact and vibrations. It also has three wheels instead of four.

Two larger rear wheels support most of the weight of the stroller, while a powerful front wheel rotates 360 degrees to provide maximum control.

If the terrain becomes too rough, the front wheel can be locked securely so that the stroller becomes stable and easier to push in uneven terrain. In the event that your wheels become worn from use, you can easily buy replacement wheels and install the new wheels at home. All you have to do is to identify the broken parts on your stroller, and order brand new parts from BOB.

3.    Convenience – The BOB Revolution Stroller may sound like a complicated stroller because of all its great features but, in the end, it is a very lightweight and versatile aid for parents with active lifestyles.

It’s the BMW of the stroller world, which is why it comes with one of the longest manufacturer warranties in the market today. When you are done using your BOB stroller, simply unlock the hinges of the main axle and flatten the stroller to the ground. In just two steps the BOB Revolution stroller can be stowed or stored easily for later use.

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