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BOB Revolution Stroller

BOB Revolution Stroller: A True Revolution in Stroller Safety

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Buying a stroller nowadays is like walking through an aisle filled with countless boxes heaped upon one another: there is just no way that you will be able to pick through everything without exhausting yourself.

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Luckily, we have been able to find a very special stroller that has been manufactured with the highest standards, and has also been crafted with true safety in mind. This special stroller (which would also be your child’s special vehicle outdoors) is the BOB Revolution Stroller.

The unique BOB Revolution Stroller is different from other strollers that are commonly found on the market, because it is manufactured specifically for the highest level of performance. Here are just some of the special advantages of using the BOB Revolution Stroller:

BOB Revolution SE Stroller

BOB Revolution Strollers Advantages

1.    One of the key features that really makes the BOB Revolution Stroller stand out from the crowd is the stabilizing front wheel that provides two operating modes: walk and jog.

With walk mode, the front wheel rotates and adjusts easily to any change in direction. So, if you are walking with your child in a park, or any other place where it’s a pleasure to stroll and explore, the BOB Revolution Stroller will ensure that you will be able to turn quickly whenever you need to.

The second mode is jog mode. With jog mode the front wheel becomes a powerful stabilizing wheel. Jog mode provides more safety and stability in rougher terrain, and is best to use if you are jogging behind your stroller. You won’t have to worry about wearing down the stroller, because it was actually designed for heavier use.

2.    The BOB Revolution Stroller is a heavy-duty stroller, but it is actually lighter than most full-sized strollers. At just 11 kilograms, the BOB Revolution Stroller is easy to lift, and even easier to fold flat in seconds.

In just two fast steps, the BOB Revolution Stroller flattens to the ground so you can stow it in the trunk of your car, in the closet or even under your bed! It is light enough to be carried about by anyone, and yet it provides great stability and strength – perfect for on-the-go parents who can’t afford to have extra baggage with them.

3.    Are you worried about bumps on the ground and uneven floors? With ordinary strollers, bumpy rides are unavoidable, because ordinary strollers don’t have any sort of suspension system.

The BOB Revolution Stroller is completely different in this aspect, because the manufacturer has actually installed a suspension system in the stroller so that excessive vibrations, and structural shocks, are absorbed by the stroller.

That means your child will have a very smooth and comfortable ride, even if you are jogging at full speed in the great outdoors. It doesn’t matter if you are jogging in the city or in the countryside – let the BOB Revolution Stroller handle the bumpy ride for you!

You can stop feeling guilty about bringing your little one along when you are out getting fit because, with this stroller, your child is 100% protected; he will surely enjoy accompanying you when you are out jogging or walking.

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