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Making DIY Repairs with BOB Stroller Parts

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There will come a time when your BOB stroller will break down because of age, as well as wear and tear; if this happens, don’t junk your stroller just yet! Instead of junking it, consult with your user manual and try to identify which part of your BOB stroller needs replacing.

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Parts for old and new stroller models are available online, and from specialty distributors across the US. All you need to do is to figure out which part you need to order, so you can repair your BOB stroller at home. If you have a basic tool set and some mechanical know-how, replacing parts shouldn’t be too hard.

BOB Stroller Replacement Parts

If you are ready to make some great DIY repairs at home, here are some of the most commonly replaced parts in BOB strollers:

BOB Stroller Replacement Parts – You Can Do It!

1.    Brake pads – Some models of BOB strollers are equipped with a caliper braking system. You need a new set of brake pads if the brake pads on your stroller have been thinned out or cracked.

2.    Braking cable – The caliper braking mechanism is connected to the brake clamps through a special tension cable. If this cable is worn or cut, the caliper brake will no longer work.

3.    Disk brake – Some BOB strollers have rear disc brakes like cars and motorcycles. Thinned out disk brakes must be replaced to improve the performance of the stroller. Each disk brake costs about $12.

4.    Brake lever – In the event that your brake lever is broken due to a strong impact or exposure to the elements, the whole assembly will have to be replaced. The assembly itself is manufactured from hard plastic and iron.

5.    Canopy kit – The canopy kit is composed of steel bars, nuts, and knobs that can be used to repair a broken canopy or hood. Over time, the fastening mechanism of the canopy gets worn down. Missing nuts and knobs can be replaced easily if you have a canopy kit.

6.    Straps and pads – Wrist straps and shoulder pads can also be replaced if they are missing or worn down. Wrist straps are retailed for $13 each, while shoulder pads are sold for about $17 per pair.

7.    Fabric screws – The various fabrics used on BOB strollers are secured by a special round screw called the fabric screw. These fabric screws can be lost if they are not tightened regularly. If you have a few missing fabric screws, you can buy a single pack of five fabric screws for just $8.

8.    Anti-fly out strap – The anti-fly out strap is located near the center of the stroller, and is used to prevent the child from “flying out” when the stroller hits a big bump. If you need to replace your anti-fly out strap, you can buy a new one for $10. The variant needed for Duallie models costs the same.

9.    Axle assembly – If the main arm that is holding together the main frame of your stroller is damaged, you can buy a complete set for $13. You will be able to replace worn washers and screws easily with a repair kit.

10.  Inner tubes – Last but not least, if you get a flat tire on your BOB Revolution stroller, or any other unique model, for that matter, you can easily buy and change the inner tube of the tire/wheel. This is a commonly used replacement part among all of the BOB stroller parts and a quite easy part exchange to fix yourself. Just make sure you get the right dimension for your tire. Inner tubes are sold for around $7-$10.

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