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Finding Oil Rig Offshore Jobs

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If you want to start your career in the oil rigs, then you want to start looking for offshore work. The oil rig offshore jobs are available for skilled and semi-skilled workers and are great for a variety of reasons. This article will cover just some of those benefits to opting for the various types of offshore opportunities on oil rigs. Image Credit: Oil platform Wikimedia Commons

This could be a great option for those who don’t mind work that is physically demanding and could take you away from your family. In fact, some of the offshore oil rig jobs could see you sacrifice your family time by about 80 hours a week! If you don’t mind that, here below are some opportunities offshore.

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The Right Offshore Oil Rig Job for You

1.    The Rig Welders: Rig welders will need to make sure the metalwork is installed and repaired correctly to make sure the oil rig system works. There is a lot to think about for those in this oil rig job, including the electricity and hydraulics. This is usually an on-call position since there is never a certain time that equipment will fail and there are emergencies. Semi-skilled workers are welcome to apply for this role since all training is given, which is a great opportunity for those looking for entry level offshore oil rig jobs and have little or no experience. The companies will make sure you get the training you need before being sent to work. You could earn over $40,000 per year. Offshore oil rig welding jobs are plentiful and welders are in high demand.

2.    Installation Managers: Installation managers can be semi-skilled but they have a lot of responsibility. This also comes with more and unique powers on the offshore oil rigs. It will be up to the installation manager to make sure the drilling is done correctly and that there is proper procedure for the extraction of the oil. Due to the large responsibilities, the yearly salary is often more than $80,000!

3.    Control Room Operators: The chief barge engineers, who are the big bosses on the offshore oil rigs, need someone to assist them and that is the job of the control room operators. There are a lot of duties for this offshore oil rig job, including making sure the physical structures are anchored properly, the engineering work is completed properly and to assist in the processing of paperwork like the job permits for all those who work on the oil rig. Another duty with these oil rig jobs offshore is to make sure the floating status remains stable. Any change or if part of the rig sinks suddenly is partially the control room operator’s fault. The salary for this job is about $40,000 per annum.

4.    Instrument Technician: There are many instruments used on the oil rigs, including gauges and alarms. The instrument technician makes sure they are working correctly, along with the drilling and extraction instruments and equipment. The technicians earn about $55,000 per year.

Other examples of oil rig offshore jobs available and where personnel are sought after are offshore oil rig electrician jobs and security jobs to name a few.

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