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Crappie Lures: What You Need To Know!

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Perhaps one of the more interesting and exciting activities related to crappie fishing is actually going out and choosing the lures and baits that you will use for your fishing trips. In this discussion we are going to explore the world of lures, so you will know exactly what to invest in with your hard-earned money. Image Credit: Black Crappie, Florida Fish and Wildlife, flickr. Image License: Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0), Creative Commons.

The Best Crappie Fishing Lures

Live Bait

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In the world of sport fishing, the use of live bait is considered a strategic step – a step that will significantly increase your strike rate, no matter what type of fish you are raring to catch.

Crappies are not picky fish – they will strike at almost any type of live bait including (but not limited to) worms, insects, and small fishes. There are actually three ways to get live bait for your fishing trips: catch them in the wild, raise them at home, or buy them from live bait shops.

All three options have their advantages. If you try to catch your own bait, you will get a lot of variety and you will learn more about how bait behaves and eventually, the best places to find it. You will always have access to live bait this way, because you know how to capture it.

Raising and breeding live bait at home is a sustainable practice, and you will also have a large supply of live bait at your disposal. When you are ready to go fishing all you have to do is collect your live bait and drive to your favorite fishing spot.

Should you buy live bait? The answer is yes, if you cannot devote some of your free time to either of the first two options. If you are using live bait, you should bring a significant quantity so your supplies will not run dry when you are “in the heat of battle” with crappies and other strikers in the water.

There are many online bait stores that cater to sportsmen and crappie enthusiasts who always want to bring a quantity of live bait to their fishing trips.

Artificial Lures

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using artificial lures. In fact, it is important that you learn early on the different types of artificial lures that you can use to catch crappies. Despite their name, artificial lures are actually quite effective in attracting fishes (even the ones that you did not intend to capture in the first place). Below are some examples of artificial lures that you can use in hooking crappies:

1. Crankbait – Crankbaits are hard artificial lures that were designed to stay near the surface of the water. Crankbaits are capable of going just beneath the surface of the water to attract fishes. Many sportsmen attach additional lures to crankbaits, to make the setup even more attractive to crappies.

2. Topwater baits – As the name implies, topwater baits are designed to stay on the surface of the water (not under it). Topwater baits are more effective in capturing fishes that have a tendency to grab insects landing on the water (crappies included!)

3. Spinner baits – Spinner baits are perfect for crappie fishing because they can be used to fish in areas where there are a lot of water structures like rocks and brush.

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