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Demystifying Crappie Jigs

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“Jigs” is a general term that encompasses a wide variety of artificial lures used for recreational fishing. A jig/lure can be as simple as a jig head or as complicated as a three-ringed setup with sinkers and additional tails. Image Credit/Image License: Crappie jigs. CC0 Public Domain.

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It is impossible to go over every possible lure combination here, but what I can give you is a rundown of essential information that you will need to make informed decisions when purchasing and using artificial lures or jigs.

Crappie Jig Info

1.    The first question that novice anglers usually ask is “why should I use artificial lures, when I can use live bait?”. There is actually nothing wrong with using live bait. Before commercial, artificial lures became popular, everyone was using live bait of all sorts (e.g. insects, fishes, and even small crustaceans).

When commercial lures came out, they became wildly popular for two main reasons. First, they work fine in attracting fishes. Second, they are very convenient, because you don’t have to throw away your lure after every strike. If the lure is in good condition, you can still use it in your next fishing trip (and the next trip after that, and so on).

You don’t have to choose between artificial lures and live bait if you are torn between the two. Use them both if you wish. There is nothing wrong with combining live bait and artificial lures, as long as the setup does the job. In the end, your own experience will tell you when to use jigs, and when to bring out your live minnows.

2.    Another good reason to combine artificial jigs and bait is the fact that jigs are made of plastic, and they do not have the natural smell that live bait has. Jigs can mimic the movement and appearance of fish and other common food items of crappies, but they cannot mimic the buoyancy and scent of real fish.

If you combine the two, you will get the benefits of both types of lures, it’s as simple as that. A live minnow is also excellent in making your whole setup look more natural.

Fish have a natural ability to control their descent in water. Also, fish don’t really twist and move a lot when swimming, so having a minnow attached to your Road Runner or jig head will make your setup more appealing to larger adults who may be warier of strange-looking things underwater.

3.    When you are out there buying new jigs for your tackle box, it’s easy to think that bigger is better. Fishes see bigger lures better, right? Yes, but that doesn’t mean that you are going to catch more crappies with giant lures.

Pro anglers know that in many instances, you have to be more patient when fishing. You have to plan and adapt. And most importantly, you have to simplify and downsize your setup.

So, instead of asking for the biggest lures you can find, ask for the smallest and lightest ones. Don’t worry about the weight because if you really need to reach deeper waters you can always use lead/metal sinkers. But, nine times out of ten, you will definitely get better results with smaller lures.

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