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Warning – What are the Side Effects of Electronic Cigarettes?

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With all of the popularity that electronic cigarettes are enjoying nowadays, it is important that we determine if this device can cause more harm than good to the people who have opted to use it. Image Credit/Image License: CC0 Public Domain.

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First, let us take a look at the design of e-cigs and what they were manufactured for in the first place. An electronic cigarette, or personal vapor delivery system, is an electronic device that continuously produces vapor or gas from a liquid using a battery-powered atomizer or vaporizer.

There are two kinds of e-cigs in the market today. The first type (and also the more expensive variant) is manufactured with durable and replaceable parts. These “vaping” devices can be used again and again through the course of the product’s lifetime. When the vapor juice is consumed, the user only has to buy more juice to continue using the device.

The second type is the disposable “vape” system. As the name implies, this type of electronic cigarette must be thrown away once the preloaded vapor juice has entirely been consumed. More often, people are drawn to using the reusable variant, because they want a device that they can use for a longer period of time.

Electronic Cigarette Side Effects Explained

The design principle is the same across the industry: the atomizer is responsible for manufacturing the actual vapors from e-cig vapor juice, which will then be inhaled by the user. The vapor juice must be loaded correctly, and in the right amount, in order for the device to work correctly.

Now, I know that many of you are wondering: what is vapor juice made of? The most common chemical found in vapor juice is PEG, or propylene glycol. This chemical substance occurs naturally in the food we eat, although it can also be manufactured synthetically for other uses. Almost one million tons of PEG is produced yearly to preserve food so it will not become rancid on supermarket shelves.

Additionally, propylene glycol is used to retain the freshness and moistness of preserved food items. Unlike other food and beverage preservatives, PEG does not draw away moisture from its source.

PEG does not produce any significant toxic effects, and is naturally metabolized once inside the human body. So, unless you are going to eat kilo upon kilo of PEG, it is safe to say that you are safe from side effects as well.

It should be noted that PEG is the central component only. It is the medium that carries all other ingredients in a vapor juice. Vapor juice can contain other ingredients, such as artificial flavoring (e.g. strawberry, cotton candy, banana, etc.) and nicotine (a stimulant found in tobacco products such as cigarettes and cigars).

Not all vapor juices contain nicotine; you will have to check the label to see which ones do contain nicotine. An electronic cigarette will function as designed, regardless of the nicotine content of the vapor juice that you are using. That would be a completely personal choice. As long as compatible e-cig juice is loaded into the e-cig, you will be able to use it. Please note that nicotine is toxic and harmful.

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