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Are Electronic Cigarettes Bad for You? The Truth Behind the Vapors

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Electronic cigarettes are selling at an unprecedented, almost unbelievable, rate nowadays. Back in 2004, the very first company that produced this item in the People’s Republic of China was able to sell a quarter of a million units easily. Image Credit/Image License: CC0 Public Domain.

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The interest in a smoking alternative or, in some cases, a smoking cessation device, has enjoyed a worldwide increase owing to the fact that people now have a better idea of what happens to their bodies when they consume tobacco products.

Electronic cigarettes, or “e-cigs,” are quite popular but many people ask – are they actually bad for you? Let us clear the air of some myths, so you can make a solid decision based on facts and not myths or hearsay:

Electronic Cigarettes Health – Myths Uncovered

1.    “E-cigs contain tobacco, just smaller amounts of it” – Electronic cigarettes are completely electronic devices, and do not have any tobacco ingredients included.

The smoke that you see is actually a harmless vapor drawn from a liquid cartridge. The liquid cartridge contains the “juice” that allows the user to simulate the act of smoking without actually consuming tobacco. Again, e-cigs do not contain tobacco. It contains zero tobacco leaves and tar.

2.    “E-cigs are just as addictive as cigarettes” – People can get addicted to collecting hats and accumulating cats at home. It’s a fact of life that people can develop a habitual liking for something.

E-cigs on their own are not addictive, because they are not designed to hook you in. They were designed for people who can’t smoke while on trips so they won’t suffer from withdrawal symptoms, and for people who are transitioning from the smoker’s life to a non-smoking life. It is a tool that’s meant to be used by people for their own ends. What you do with it is completely up to you.

3.    “E-cigs contains nicotine which is bad for you” – This is not completely false, but it has to be clarified. Electronic cigarettes are loaded with liquid cartridges that may or may not contain nicotine.

Some people buy cartridges with nicotine, while some just like to simulate the act of smoking and this can be accomplished by using non-nicotine cartridges.

Again, this is completely up to you. No one is going to force you to use nicotine cartridges. If you want bubble gum flavored vapors, then you can buy that without the nicotine.

4.    “E-cigs can lead people to tobacco use” – If we were to follow the logic of addiction to specific chemical substances, then the use of electronic cigarettes per se will not lead to tobacco use.

First of all, e-cigs do not contain tobacco, so how can the body develop a dependency and, later on, a full-blown addiction to tobacco if the substance itself is absent? You can’t. Please note; e-cigs can can contain nicotine if you choose to include it. Nicotine is toxic and harmful.

Using cigarettes and cigars manufactured from tobacco is a choice, and if a person goes on to use those products after trying e-cigs, then it’s his choice.

5.    “You can’t put down an e-cig once you’ve tried it” – Again, this is a misconception that stems from the fact that people directly compare e-cigs to real cigarettes. There is no proof that people can get addicted to an electronic device that creates vapor upon use.

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