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Faber-Castell Premium Quality Childrens Art Supplies with a History

Faber-Castell has a long history of which stretches for more than eight generations back, as far back as in 1761 when furniture maker Caspar Faber (1730 – 1784) begins to produce pencils in Stein, Germany.

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The business was later taken over by his son Anton Wilhelm Faber (1758 – 1810). Who´s name also becomes the base for the company name A.W. FABER.

In 1898 Baroness Ottilie von Faber enters into marriage with Count Alexander zu Castell-Rüdenhausen and hence, the company gets its current name, FABER-CASTELL.

Faber-Castell is now a multinational company with headquarters in Stein, Germany. They have 14 different production facilities around the world, they have representation in the U.S. and in most major markets in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia/New Zealand and does business in more than 100 countries. The company currently has more than 6,500 employees.

Faber-Castell is one of the world´s largest manufacturers in their segment and develops, produces and distributes writing, drawing, painting and design products with high quality. Their products are used by consumers from their creative period as kids, during their student days, in their professional career or as fully skilled art painters.


Faber Castell Color Connector Paints

Faber-Castell’s aim is to achieve “Best in Class” ratings for all their products.

The safety of Faber-Castell’s products is of paramount importance to the company. At all stages of development and production, the safety and the quality of their products is a primary consideration. They are focused on the need to monitor and review their safety and quality checks and precautions. Faber-Castell puts safety and family first.

They continuously review these processes and procedures in order to maintain their fine record of providing todays children and the modern family with safe, high quality, creative experiences under the Creativity for Kids and Faber-Castell brands.

Here is a selection of Faber Castell Art Sets for Kids from their vast catalog.

Faber-Castell Art Sets for Kids – Heritage since 1761

Premium Gift Sets

These sets are award-winning, all-inclusive young artist sets featuring a wide variety of children´s art tools for drawing, coloring, painting and metallic fun.

Faber Castell Young Artist Coloring Gift Set

Young Artist Coloring Gift Set

The Young Artist Coloring Gift Set features an assortment of the company’s favorite Faber-Castell crayons, markers, and colored EcoPencils packaged in a handy reusable storage bag. Includes 12 premium beeswax crayons, 6 Duo-tip markers – 12 colors in all, 6 jumbo colored EcoPencils, sharpener, stickers and an 8″ x 10″ pad of art paper. The crayons and colored EcoPencils feature a triangle shape – easy for little hands to hold and they won’t roll off the table.


12 Beeswax crayons
6 Jumbo Duo-tip washable markers (12 colors total)
6 Jumbo triangular colored EcoPencils
Jumbo pencil sharpener
Drawing Pad with 25 sheets
Color-in sticker sheet 8” x 10”
Reusable storage bag

Recommended: from 4 year’s

Faber Castell Young Artist Texture Painting Set

Young Artist Texture Painting Set

Experience the joy of creative artistic expression. This 12 piece set has everything you need to experiment with color, texture, paint and patterns. Includes 5 colors of washable tempera paint, 5 texture tools, paint tray and 20 sheets of paper. And, a fully illustrated instruction guide that includes paint mixing chart, tips and techniques.


5 Assorted texture brushes
5 Colors of washable tempera paint
Paint mixing bowl
20 Sheets of paper
Reusable storage bag
Illustrated instructions and ideas

Recommended: from 5 year’s

Faber Castell Young Artist Learn To Paint Set

Young Artist Learn To Paint Set

6 Artist quality brushes of varying sizes – triangular-shaped handles are easy to hold. 5 colors of washable paint. Easy to handle paint pallet. Color mixing instructions and techniques.


6 Artist quality brushes
5 Colors of washable paint
Color mixing instructions
Recommended: from 5 year’s
Erasable Crayons – 15 ct.
Washable off walls, floors and most fabrics. Can be sharpened to a point with a standard pencil sharpener for detailed coloring. Does not roll.

Recommended: from All ages


Faber-Castell Metallic Mania

Metallic Mania

Enhance your artwork with premium Faber-Castell metallic art materials featuring 8 metallic EcoPencils, 6 metallic gel sticks and 5 metallic markers. Use the black paper drawing pad, black card stock shapes and velvet paper included, and watch the metallic pigments “pop” against these dark drawing surfaces. This complete set includes a reusable storage bag, paint brush, blending stick, instructions and ideas. Non-toxic – conforms to ASTM D-4236


8 Metallic EcoPencils
6 Metallic gel sticks
5 Metallic markers
Black paper drawing pad
Black card stock shapes
Velvet paper included
Reusable storage bag
Paint brush
Blending stick
Instructions and ideas

Recommended: from 5 year’s

Faber Castell Young Artist Essentials Gift Set

Young Artist Essentials Gift Set

The Young Artist Essentials Gift Set features a 64 piece assortment of Faber-Castell premium quality drawing components in a deluxe wood case. This gift set is perfect for gift giving! This set is designed to delight and inspire young artists ready to graduate from crayons. The set includes Colored EcoPencils, Watercolor EcoPencils, GRIP Graphite EcoPencils, Oil Pastels, Washable Duo-tip markers, Pencil sharpener, Paint brush, Artist paper, Illustration booklet and a wood gift box with flocked storage trays.


24 Faber-Castell colored EcoPencils
8 Faber-Castell watercolor EcoPencils
2 Faber-Castell GRIP graphite EcoPencils
18 Faber-Castell oil pastels
12 Faber-Castell Duo-tip markers
Paint brush
25 Watercolor paper sheets 5” x 7”
Illustrated Instructions and ideas

Recommended: from 6 year’s

Faber Castell Young Artist Finger Painting Set

Young Artist Finger Painting Set

Everything a young child needs for finger painting fun! The Young Artist Finger Painting Set includes 4 tubes of washable finger paints, a plastic apron, a paint tray, 4 painting tools and 25 sheets of finger paint paper. Children can experiment with bright primary paints to create new colors, textures and designs. This set includes red, yellow, blue and green washable paint. Parents will love the handy storage bucket!


4 Tubes of washable paint
2 Sponge rollers
2 Sponge stamps
1 Mixing bowl
25 Sheets of finger paint paper
Disposable craft apron
Illustrated instructions and ideas

Recommended: from 3 year’s

Oil Pastels

Bright pastel colors with smooth textures that easily mix and can be softened and made thinner with oil constituents.

Faber-Castell Oil Pastels 12 ct.

Oil Pastels – 12 ct.

Faber-Castell wonderful oil pastels pencils in triangular grip design. You won’t believe how easy it is to get started in oil pastel art with these smooth rich colors, which blend together so easily. Just rub two colors together and create a new color, add black to shade or add shadows. The package features a handy color mixing guide too. Non-toxic, ACMI approved and safe for children.

Recommended: from All Ages

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This is a selection of Faber Castell Art Sets for Kids. You will always find something in their colorful and wide selection that will suit your child. These art and craft kits for kids also make perfect family gifts.

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Faber Castell Color Pencils

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