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Art sets for kids consists of a jungle of products and we want to help you find the right ones to give your child the opportunity to use color and form to express and develop their experiences, thoughts and fantasies.

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Art sets for kids are the perfect family gifts that suit any occasion and can be given to both boys and girls. They´re fun and stimulating and supports the child in its creative development. Coloring, painting and crafting with your kids is one of the most rewarding family activities you can engage in and all family members can participate.

Here you will get a brief description of the child´s development during art creation. Through this you will get a better understanding of which types of art kits for kids is the most suitable to choose.


Childrens Imaging

When children grow up, the image creation is a part of the child’s development. Let your child explore and develop their creative side with color and different materials.

Children aged 1-2 years

The child is likely to start using crayons to be hammered with rather than to draw or paint with them. After some time, this behavior changes and the child starts to move the crayon back and forth or in circles. For children this age, you can find great art learning products and art kits for kids from manufacturers such as Crayola and Faber-Castell.

Children aged 3-4 years

Now the child depicts various objects. Among the first things that are commonly depicted is a simple image of a human being with a round circle depicting the head and a couple of dashes as legs. For children this age, you can find art supply kits for kids from producers like Faber-Castell and Crayola.

Children aged 5-8 years

Now the child makes use of squares, rectangles, circles and triangles to produce objects. Different parts usually have their own color. The object is often on or in relation to a ground-line. For children this age, you can find children’s art kits from a brand such as First Impressions a.o.

Children 9 years or older

Now the child reproduces the images more realistically regarding color, shape and proportions. Image depth begins to occur. For children this age, you will be able to find kids art sets from almost all brands.

Parent Kid Art

Support for Kids Imaging

As a parent, you can both let your kids be creative and totally free to create whatever they want to or you can take the opportunity to participate in the child´s development and seize the possibility to have a dialogue with the child regarding the creation of the image.

In early stages the child needs help or advice and inspiration to understand that one can image objects such as a car, a house or an animal. Sometimes children prefer to image after another drawing, make one yourself and let the child depict it. But stick to the child’s development level.

Let your child talk about their pictures (if they want to), be responsive and listen. Encourage children’s curiosity and allow them to be inspired by situations, surroundings, thoughts and fantasies.

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Kids Art Tools and Materials

Art Sets for Kids

A good way to let children develop their imaging is to give children tools they like such as crayons, good brushes, water colors which make it easier for children to create. Other tools such as markers or felt pens, pencils or other materials can also be used.

Templates can be an interesting addition since the child does not have to be concerned with what to draw, but can focus fully on colors. Another option is to encourage the child to play with colors and paint without limits, boundaries or motifs.

A good solution is to buy fully equipped Art Sets for Kids to get a varied selection of tools and colors.

Top manufacturers of kid’s art supplies and kids drawing materials with high-quality, educational, child creativity- and development enhancing products are art and craft kits for kids from Crayola, Faber-Castell and First Impressions.

Crayola Washable Watercolors

Childrens Development

A well-known phrase is “A picture is worth a thousand words”. The phrase also conveys how much creativity and effort that lies behind the picture.

With pictures, children can both be stimulated to express thoughts, fantasies and feelings and also develop their sense of communication, color and shape.

Kids Art

Images of Communication

Today’s society is moving towards more visual expression. Thus, the demands on our ability to interpret, communicate and create images gets higher and higher. The importance of being able to understand and interpret the images and symbols around us has grown enormously and has become as important as being able to read and write in our modern society.

Children, however, develop this visual ability earlier then they learn to read and write. As an example, children interpret picture books long before they master the written word. Children learn new technologies quickly thanks to symbols and images rather than written instructions.

Chauvet France Cave Paintings

The Origin of Images

Some of the oldest paintings have been discovered in the Lascaux cave in southwestern France. It contained 600 cave paintings, estimated to be from 17000-15000 BC. Five years ago, anthropologists found, what is thought to be the oldest art in Europe dating from 37000-36500 BC in the cave Abri Castanet in western France.

The cave Grotte de Chauvet, also located in western France, is about 32,000 years old.  In it, paintings with a very high artistic finesse has been found. The motifs range from dangerous animals like lions, rhinos and bears to more friendly animals like reindeer, horses and mythical creatures. Much like how a bit older children paints today. The paintings were found in deep dark underground halls. Scientists believe that the cave was some sort of cult place of worship.

Pictures in its ancient form have occurred more or less in different cultures around the world and have since evolved into an art form in modern time.

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