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Many people want a facelift. The good news is that there are ways to get this beauty treatment easily without spending a fortune or worrying about cosmetic surgery. With face muscle exercises, you can get a natural facelift and there is no doctor required. Image Credit: ruurmo flickr.com

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There’s no better time to start these face exercises than now! You don’t need to wait for a specific age or for some products to arrive. All you need is the time to be able to do them and the motivation to do them on a daily basis. This will help you get the results you want in the shortest time period possible.

Many people have been doing these types of exercises for years – even decades. You don’t hear much about them on TV or in other media for one reason only – the beauty industry won’t get the money they want! However, they are among the most effective forms of facial beauty treatments available.

By using the same exercises for the face muscles over the years, it’s clear that they have been tried and tested. It’s clear they’re successful and not just the latest hype. There’s no need to hire therapists or doctors or to do them in a special fitness center. You can do everything at home and be on your way to a natural facelift without the cost or inconvenience of surgery.

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Examples of Effective Exercises for Face Muscles

So, ready to get started? We’re going to go through a couple of unique face muscle exercises that are a great way to make you look younger within weeks. This first one will help you with toning the muscles that surround your eyes. These are linked to those that animate your forehead and the trick is limiting that movement while causing resistance at certain parts of the face.

When you think about people who lift weights, whether they’re just toning their muscles or a real bodybuilder, you will notice one thing – their focal point of all their exercises involves resistance. This forces the body to do more work to counter that resistance and is the best way to strengthen the muscles.

But how do you do that with the face? It is actually quite easy and there’s no need to buy weights or products to help. You can do it with your own body! Place your middle and index finger at the point between the eyebrows. There is a bony part of the skull that sticks out around there. Keep your fingertips on this point and keep some pressure there so that you have a little resistance while you carry out the face exercises.

Now try to fight against the force. Try to lift your eyebrows or just move them around, while pushing your fingers in the opposite direction. You want to have the equal amount of resistance as the effort that you are putting in to move the eyebrows. To really help tone these muscles and get the best results, spend about ten minutes doing the exercise.

The second of the face muscle exercises involves frowning. While you frown, make the mouth do the same thing. Let the sides of your lips drop downwards to create a sad face and hold the position. Keep this position for a couple of minutes before you allow the muscles to relax. You will find that the lines around your face will no longer be as prominent and the tone of your muscles will be improved.

Exercises for face muscles is a simple and effective method to preserve and improve a youthful, beautiful looking face throughout the years.

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