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Two of the most problematic places for people are the neck and face. They are the most visible and cause wrinkles and lines to appear clearly. They cause social interactions to be awkward as people worry about the folds and ridges on their faces and necks.

If you’re worried about the wrinkles or folds on your face and neck, there are things that you can do to remedy the problem. There’s no need to spend thousands on fees to your doctor or on any product or device available on the internet. You can use face & neck exercises as a natural way to strengthen the dropping cheeks, remove the lines from your eyes and lift the neck skin.

Face exercises and neck exercises are just like any other exercises – they work on the muscles to tone them and to gain the outcome that you want. You can target specific areas of the face and neck or work on multiple areas at once, depending on the area that are causing a problem. By toning the muscles, the skin will automatically tone.

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Two Exercises for Face and Neck

This first of these face neck exercises will strengthen all the muscles in your face at the same time. This is fairly advanced but will give the best results, the quickest. Compress all your facial muscles as if you’re preparing for something to hit you in the face. Hold it as tight as you possibly can.

Now that you’ve squeezed as tight as possible, release the muscles and stick your tongue out. Keep sticking it out until it can do no further. At the same time, widen your eyes as much as possible as if you want the eyeballs to pop out.

Now repeat the first stage of the exercise – screw up your face as much as possible. Really focus on the tension during this phase because it is when the majority of your muscles are getting their most exercise. You won’t get much out of the exercise if you don’t perform this part to the best of your ability. There won’t be any point in relaxing the muscles.

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The second of the face and neck exercises uses a number of unique movements that interconnect to each other. This can be performed when you are sitting or standing, whichever situation suits you better.

It is best to do the exercise where you can see yourself, in a mirror. This allows you to make sure you are performing the exercise right and forming the right shapes with your face. First of all, turn your head towards the right to try and see something and then turn it towards the ceiling. Do these movements gently to avoid injuring the neck. While you do all this, smile like a Cheshire Cat and shut your eyes.

Count to three and then return to look straight forward again. Now repeat it but on the opposite side. You want to stimulate different muscles together while doing these face & neck exercises. You will not only benefit the face but the muscles that connect the neck and the jaw.

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