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Games are a staple in baby showers, and having games is actually one of the best ways to facilitate interaction between guests, especially if most of your guests are not very familiar with each other.

Most of the guests who attend baby showers are very willing to actively participate in all of the activities, so you shouldn’t worry about the reaction of your guests at all.

Nine times out of ten your guests will already know that hosts of baby showers often schedule fun activities, and they will be ready to play. If you haven’t got a clue as to what type of games are appropriate for baby showers, take a look at our selection. Pick some or all of the games included in this roundup, and your baby shower will be a hundred percent more fun!

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The Golden Book of Baby Shower Games eBook

Funny Baby Shower Games

No Peeking! – This game is an excellent first game for baby showers because it will definitely get everyone excited for prizes. For this game you will need a pack of diapers, tape, and ten small objects, like animal figurines, sunglasses, computer mouse, etc.

Place two diapers on top of each other before placing the object on top. Close the diaper and secure the sides with tape so people will not be able to take a peek. Repeat these steps until all of the available objects have been snugly wrapped in diapers.

When you have ten secure diapers with objects inside of them, mark each diaper with number one to ten. Create a master list so you will not forget what is inside each of the closed diapers.

Line up the diapers on a table. Now, ask the players to come up to the table one by one so they can feel the diapers. Players must guess what is inside each of the diapers.

Tally correct guesses, and keep the scores a secret until the end of the game. When all of the players have had a turn in guessing the contents of the diapers, reveal the contents and announce the winner of the game. The player with the most number of correct guesses wins the game.

Poop Patrol – Everyone is secretly anxious about used diapers because of what they will find inside. Poop Patrol is a twist on this modern anxiety, and will have your guests laughing until their sides ache. You will need a pack of diapers again, and ten different types of candy and chocolates.

Melt the candies and chocolates in your microwave oven and smear them generously inside the diapers. Players must correctly identify what type of candy or chocolate has been smeared on the diapers. A player must choose one diaper only and he will have two chances to guess correctly. Every player who is able to guess correctly wins a small prize.

Baby Trivia – If you like the idea of having a trivia contest during the baby shower, prepare a list of concepts and words related to pregnancy and baby care. Make a series of questions based on these words and hold an instant quiz show during the baby shower. The player with the highest score after all the questions have been read wins the Baby Trivia game.

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