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Have You Tried These Unique Baby Shower Games?

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Who says that baby shower games have to be boring and repetitive? If you are hosting a baby shower soon, then it is good to determine which games best suit the temperament of your guests. Image Credit/Image License: CC0 Public Domain.

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If your guests love quiz shows and the other brain-tickling pursuits, then quiz and trivia games should be included. If your guests are young and limber, relays and running games are definitely worth looking into. In today’s article we will be taking a look at some sample baby shower games that will surely fire up your baby shower event.

Creative Baby Shower Games For All

Baby Ring Toss – Like the carnival favorite, “Baby Ring Toss” will test the accuracy and humor of your guests during the baby shower. To prepare for this game, you will need some glue sticks, a glue gun, three tall baby bottles, and six big plastic rings.

Glue the bottom of the tall baby bottles onto a strong base (like a heavy piece of wood) so they don’t get knocked over. The bottles should be spaced evenly, and there should be ample space between the bottles as well.

The goal of this game is to score the highest number of points per turn. Each player will have six chances to successfully fit the rings over the baby bottles.

Don’t forget to tally the scores of all your players. When everyone has had a turn tossing “baby rings”, compare the scores of all the players and announce the winner. A nice prize for this game would be the biggest bowling pin figurine you can find.

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Daddy Knows Best – If you have a mixed guest list (male and female guests combined), this particular game will knock everyone’s socks off with laughter.

You will need to dress up a baby doll with a diaper and baby clothes (it’s up to you what kind of baby clothes you want the doll to wear). You will also need some baby powder, baby wipes, and a fresh stack of diapers.

Each player needs to remove the baby’s clothes and “old” diaper and wipe the doll clean with baby wipes. A bit of baby powder should also be sprinkled near the baby doll’s bottom before a fresh diaper is put in place.

When the new diaper has been put in place, the player must then put the clothes back on. All of this is timed by the game master. The player with the fastest time wins the game.

Quiz of the Century – If your guests are tired of relays and races, it’s time to revert to a good old quiz game. The Quiz of the Century revolves around funny and interesting information about the mom-to-be and the dad-to-be. You will have to interview both the mom and dad, so you can create questions for the guests.

25 questions are sufficient for “Quiz of the Century”. To make things more exciting, you can give your guests buzzers or bells. The first player to ring his bell or press the buzzer will be able to answer.

If he answered incorrectly, a second player can buzz in and “steal” his chance to answer. Tally the scores and announce the winner after all 25 questions have been read to all the players.

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