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Great Baby Shower Games Prizes

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If you are organizing a baby shower event and you are thinking of holding games during the event, you have to be prepared to give away prizes to your guests. Image Credit/Image License: CC0 Public Domain.

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The kinds of prizes that are given away in baby showers are usually small, cute tokens, like pens, figurines, fridge magnets, and the like. Still at a loss as to what to give away? Check out our recommendations, and see if they will work for your taste and budget.

Baby Shower Game Prizes Tips

Candies – Everyone likes the feeling of being able to munch on something or bring home something from a party – especially if it’s sweet and tasty! Baby showers are events for adults, so be a bit more selective when giving away food like candies.

Breath mints, cookies, and the like are appreciated and received well by adults. For a few laughs, you can try giving away a few lollipops and pop rocks, too. Be creative when assembling your lineup of giveaway candies to make your prizes more memorable to your guests.

If you want, you can also order special candies and cupcakes from pastry chefs and candy makers in town. If you are holding a large event with several dozen guests, this option definitely makes a lot of sense, because all of the treats that you will be giving away will be conveniently delivered to your doorstep on the day of the baby shower (or even earlier!).

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Health & wellness – This might surprise some of you, but you can give away health and wellness items during a baby shower. Generic pedometers, timers, lotions, soaps, and hand sanitizers are sought after gifts, because they’re useful and people can carry them around in their totes and purses.

Notepads and pill containers are also good choices – you never know when you’ll have to store medicine this way. People appreciate these small tokens because they are useful, and they won’t add to the junk pile that everyone has at home.

Knickknacks and figurines – Let’s face it, we all secretly love knickknacks, even if they are making our homes visually stuffy. If you want to give away knickknacks and figurines we only have two reminders: make sure they look extra special and unique, and make sure they are small.

Small figurines are often kept, while the large ones are driven off to the storage along with other stuff that won’t fit in the house. If you are going to spend money on figurines, you might as well pick a variant that people won’t mind seeing every day on their desk.

Stationery – While such items may sound passé and overused, it can actually be quite sweet if you received a nice pen or a cute notepad from a baby shower. No matter how “techno whiz” people get nowadays, nothing can replace pen and paper.

So, feel free to shop around for attractive stationery and, if something calls out to you because it’s useful and well-made, go for it. Just make sure that you stick to your budget and you don’t go overboard with the volume of stuff you will be buying, especially if you are ordering stuff online.

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