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“Dirt bike” is but one of many alternative names for the extremely popular bicycle variant called the BMX bike. The BMX bike has become so popular with the masses that countless BMX events are held yearly, in almost every country in the world, to celebrate the unique sports that have sprouted because of the versatility of this bike model.

You probably found this website because you are interested in making repairs on your own BMX bike. There are a few things that you should keep in mind when making repairs or modifications on a BMX bike:


Dirt Bike Repairs and Maintenance Tips

1. Bike manufacturers typically use gears and other parts that are ideal for the frame of the bike. Do not make abrupt substitutions just because someone told you that it could work. This might actually destroy one or two mechanisms on your bike, and can also endanger the cyclist.

2. Do not take apart your BMX without making a diagram of the parts first. This might sound corny, but this can really cut down the headaches associated with putting back a BMX together. If you have never done this before, read, jot down notes, and make diagrams!

3. Always use the right tools for the job, so that you do not inadvertently wear down the various nuts and bolts used to keep a BMX tight and in one piece. A worn down bolt can cause problems later on, trust me!

Here are some of the essentials of dirt bike repair that you have to know, especially if you have already taken apart your bike and you do not know how to reassemble the thing:

1. If the problem involves a cracked frame or mangled rims, don’t even try to make repairs with the intent of riding the bicycle again. Catch a ride home and call it a day – the risk to your wellbeing is too much. It might hurt your pride (some say walking home feels horrible), but at least you will be much safer.

2. Invest in a bike stand so you can elevate, adjust, and rotate your bike’s frame with ease. Some stands cost $20 while some cost over $180. Not everyone can spend $180 on a bike stand, so I understand if you decide to hunt eBay for cheaper deals. The important thing here is that you are able to use a bike stand – like the pros!

3. If you are planning on repainting your bike with a spray or a brush, grab some electric tape and cover all the exposed threads on your bike’s frame. Some people make the mistake of painting over the threads. This will affect how the parts of the frame fit together, so it is best to just cover the threads.

4. Bearing cups are not meant to be put back by hand. Use a mallet or a small hammer to tap them back into place. Loose or ill-fitting bearing cups can cause trouble! Remember to tap the bearing cups on both the right side and the left side.

5. Ball bearings, and generally anything that helps a pedal rotate, should never be installed with grime or soil. Wipe them down before putting them back in.

6. Axle grease can greatly reduce the friction between the metal parts that have to be kept in close contact when reassembled. Apply grease generously, and wipe off any excess grease so your bike doesn’t attract grime when on the road.

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