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What are Dirt Bike Parts?

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BMX bikes, or “dirt bikes,” have been the rage for over twenty years now because of this bike model’s versatility and adaptability in varying terrains. BMX bikes have been used to perform heart-stopping stunts in front of worldwide audiences, and are also agile enough for freestyle dirt racing. Image Credit: Plastic BMX bicycle wheel, Wikipedia. Image License: Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0), Creative Commons.

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If you want a bike that can take punishment and is popular enough to have relatively affordable parts on the market, you can never go wrong with a BMX bike.

The death of the BMX bike will also mean the extinction of a very large segment of the worldwide cycling community, which is of course nearly impossible given the large influx of new BMX fans every year.

Now, one of the most important things that you should wrap your mind around when maintaining and repairing a BMX bike is the actual name and functions of its parts.

Dirt Bikes Parts Identified

Being knowledgeable about the parts of a bike will help you evaluate if your bike is working as it is designed or not. Here are some of the most important parts of a BMX bike, and what they are meant to do:

1. Valve caps – Valve caps are meant to augment your wheel’s aesthetic appeal. If you want to make an impact at an event, one of the things that you should consider is modifying the appearance of your wheels.

2. Inner tube – The inner tube is what you actually inflate when you pump your tires after suffering from a flat. If your inner tube is damaged, you may have to perform a quick repair before pumping more air into that damaged tire. If the damage is too big for a patch repair kit, call it a day – never tempt fate!

3. Rims – Stock rims for BMX bikes almost always have thirty-six spokes. This appears to be the golden number, given the fact that people use BMX bikes for stunts and riding on rough terrain.

4. Stem – The stem connects the headgear to the bicycle’s frame. There are two kinds of stems for BMX bikes – shafted stems and threadless stems. Shafted stems are meant to be inserted into the fork tube (that small length of pipe just above the wheels). Threadless stems, on the other hand, are manufactured with a quick release mechanism for faster disassembly.

5. Spokes – The wheels of a BMX bike should never be confused with the tires. Your wheels are actually composed of the rim and the spokes that help distribute the impact of the journey and the rider’s weight.

Most modern BMX spokes are crafted from titanium, which is very sturdy and, in most cases flexible enough to withstand even the most brutal and bone-jarring of BMX stunts. Before buying a new rim, ask the store clerk what the spokes are made of. Stainless steel spokes are also durable, so don’t hold back if the spokes aren’t made of titanium.

6. Pedals – Take a leaf out of your manufacturer’s book and don’t buy pedals that are smaller or bigger than your bike’s stock pedals. Feel free to shift to clip-less pedals, as these are sometimes more comfortable for some BMX enthusiasts. Ease of use is top priority when buying a new pair of pedals.

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