Bike Repair Information – Reduce Bicycle Repairs

Bike Repair Info - Reduce Bicycle Repairs

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When a person rides a bike for the first time, he experiences a very unique feeling of freedom. This feeling comes from being able to go anywhere on a very simple vehicle made with a few bars of metal and two wheels. This feeling never leaves true bike lovers.

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The exhilarating feeling of journeying miles using one’s own muscle power and balancing skills cannot be provided by any other vehicle invented by man. Cyclists feel power and independence that make people want to know more about this amazing vehicle that was invented more than a hundred years ago.

If you are a true bike lover yourself, you have probably thought of gaining mastery of the essentials of bike repair. This is indeed a good move as a cyclist because, if you want to be truly independent and proficient in using your vehicle, you have to know how its whole framework operates.

Bike Repairs – Reduce The Incidence Of Repairs

Of course, no one likes to make repairs, especially when out on the road. To minimize damage to your beloved bike, here are some important reminders that will help reduce the incidence of repairs:

1. Perform a comprehensive inspection of your bike before riding it. Just like a car, it helps if you can inspect the brakes, wheels, tires, steering mechanism, and even the gear system before going out. Inspect your bike even if you know everything is fine – you never really know when you are going to find signs of wear and tear.

2. The common belief is that you have to shift your bike’s gears up when you reach an incline, so you don’t have to pedal as hard. This works and the pedaling effort decreases because the chains are wider and thus, it takes fewer strokes to reach a full revolution.

However, using a higher gear just when you are about to reach an incline places a lot of strain on your bike’s chain drive. To remedy this problem, avoid using the highest gear for inclines. Before climbing an incline, gear down your bike once, and just use your momentum to climb the incline.

This will help lengthen the life of your derailleurs as well. Replacing derailleurs can be tricky, so you don’t want to replace them unless they have been worn out by age and weather.

3. The shock absorbers on your bike are designed to distribute the impact generated by movement. Over time, your bike’s shock system is also worn down.

If you want to lengthen the lifetime of your shock system, here’s what you can do: whenever your bike has to pass over really rough terrain, don’t force your bike to carry your full weight while it is managing the bumps on the road.

Raise yourself for a few seconds and use your legs and arms to equally distribute your weight while your bike is passing over the bumps and rocks. This way, your shock system will not be worn down excessively. If you still haven’t mastered the fine art of split-second balancing, save this for another day.

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