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Trick Photography Ideas For Beginners

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Are you interested in creating fantastic light drawings and other types of photographic tricks using only your regular DSLR camera and stuff that you can buy from dollar stores and Amazon? Well now you can!

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Trick photography is one of the friendliest subgenres of photography, because it gives “shooters” the creative and artistic freedom that they wouldn’t have if they practiced purely conventional photography. Image Credit/Image License: LED flashlight fiber optics photography. CC0 Public Domain.

Basic Tricky Photography Tips and Ideas

The only thing that you will need to add to your skillset is more patience, because it takes time to master the basics of trick photography. But, once you’ve gotten over the small learning curve, you will definitely be on your way to creating great photos that will amaze your friends and new fans of your work. Here are some basic but great trick photography ideas to get you started:

Fine Light Drawings

One of the best ways to create finely detailed light drawings is to use a bright LED flashlight with a fiber optic adaptor. Fiber optic adaptors are used to tunnel available light into narrow spaces (like the insides of your car’s engine). This nifty little tool can be used to make light drawings, too!

There are several ways to take advantage of the little dot of bright light at the end of a fiber optic adaptor. First, you can create a background of lines of a subject (ex. an apple) so the subject will really stand out. You can also use several fiber optic adaptors and flashlights to create multiple lines and dots at once. There really is no stopping you once you have a good source of light.

Chain Of Light

Remember those cheap LED lights that are attached to keychains? If you can buy a box of those (typically 12 to 25 pieces) you can begin creating chains of light. All you will need is a piece of string, some tape, and your camera. It’s up to you how you will design your chain of light.

Pay attention to the spacing of the LED lights and how many there are per chain. You can use either a string or a wooden plank to configure the arrangement of your LED lights.

Long exposures are still necessary, so set your exposure time to 30 seconds and see how it goes from there. The longer the exposure, the more your camera can record the details and the available light.

Light Writing

You can write whole words and sentences using a strong flashlight. There are two kinds of flashlights on the market: the ones manufactured with LED or light emitting diodes, and those that are still fitted with conventional bulbs.

Both flashlights can be used for light writing. The key difference is that LED lights give off a cooler color, while non-LED flashlights tend to produce warmer colors. Use the type of flashlight that will help you accomplish the artistic goal you have in mind.

You can also experiment with using both types of flashlights to see if you will be able to create a stronger impact. Take note that you will need longer exposures if you are planning to write long words, and you may have to compile several images using GIMP or Adobe Photoshop.

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